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    Newbie From Florida!

    I've been working with CAD software since I was 10. I mostly work with SOLIDWORKS at work and that's the one I'm most proficient with, but I've used quite a few of the different softwares. I also have been 3d printing for about the same amount of time. A 3d printed air engine has been something...
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    Newbie From Florida!

    Thanks! I started building a soda can Stirling engine today. Had nothing else to do and I never done a Stirling engine before! My original plan was a steam wobbler but wasn't able to make it to the store to get the material while I had everything for the Stirling engine at home I had a after...
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    Newbie From Florida!

    Hello! I've been interested in engines and mechanics since I was a wee lad. When I was about 10 I asked for a Wilesco steam engine for Christmas. I ran it every day multiple times a day for a week until my parents said I probably shouldn't run it as often! This kicked off my obsession with...