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    pickling solution

    I spent a decade or so maintaining commercial pools so I'm familiar with some of this stuff. Just so that people are aware: muriatic acid is a dilution of hydrochloric acid. It's used for etching masonry and reducing the PH of swimming pools (and many other uses.) A swimming pool or masonry...
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    Rotary valve help

    Not sure if this will help or not. The River Queen engine is very similar and has 11 pages of build notes including making the valve. I'm on my way out the door otherwise I'd find the relevant section....
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    Beginning Lathe Project

    I have a pile of box store steel in my stock boxes. The steel usually comes in three varieties depending on the store. - Hot rolled mild that is usually right at the stated size and machines easily after getting under the skin. The hot rolled is commonly painted red on one end and still has...
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    Machinable ceramic

    I'd be cautious of the expansion of the center electrode in Macor. Many years ago I helped prototype a UV curing chamber. Everything we used for a shutter warped or sagged under the bulb. We ordered a very pricey 1/4" sheet of Macor and dropped the ball with insufficient clearance for the...
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    Conensation in the workshop

    Great reminder that it's that time of year in New England again (and probably old England as well :D) I usually run around the garage with an oil can wiping down everything in sight. My first year here, I opened the garage door on a warm day after a cold night and watched everything flash...
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    Vapor fuel tank carburetion

    Chuck, what part of the U.S. are you from? There is a small coal company in Lebanon Maine (The Lebanon Coal Co.) about a mile from my house. You might give them a ring and see if they would ship you a bag. (207) 339-9689. I've been thinking of picking up a few 40# bags for a little laundry stove...
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    Elmer's #11 Radial

    Great build! I have had my eye on Elmers #11 for some time now and these build threads are a great inspiration. I've used a few of the small wire wheels from HF and they seem to shred and fly apart much easier than the Dremel ones I had. The Dremel ones weren't great either, but lasted at least...
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    2-stroke, 2-cylinder engine?

    The outboard motor manufacturers have had multi-cylinder two stroke design nailed for quite some time. You guys have me scratching my head as to how my 225hp v6 two stroke is put together now. I haven't looked at it in ages (in storage.) I do remember that it's a flathead and I think it had 6...
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    LibreOffice Draw for "CAD"

    I know this post is a little old, however, LibreOffice now includes LibreCAD (formerly QCad.)
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    Hello from a long time lurker

    I guess an introduction is way overdue. I've been reading HMEM for years and I've apparently had an account for three. I can't believe I've kept my mouth shut for that long :eek: My name is Wade and my wife and I live in an old farmhouse in southern New Hampshire U.S.A. My father was a...
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    File work; A few words.

    Long time reader, but I THINK this is my first post. That said, Tin, I'll scold myself and head over to the introduction sub... Dean, great post! I really don't think this thread will be complete until you post a picture and explanation of your roller filing rest... Most of the files I have...