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    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    Jeez, I don't like the small display on the right hand side of your weather station which shows "Feels like 122". That's getting a bit warm. Ian.
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    Drilling Very Small Holes

    For 'much' read 'not at all'. Carbide drills do not bend, but otherwise they are very good. Ian.
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    What kind of machine is this?

    It's a Lister diesel. Don't know the model at the moment but a search/question here Lister Engine Forum - Index should turn something up. This one is driving a compressor. Ian.
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    Sudden Problems With my Printer

    Just looking at those test print squares, have you tried turning the mat around 180 degrees front to back and printing again? My Ender 3 has developed a low spot on the mat right in the centre, not low enough to affect adhesion but enough to prevent a flat-bottomed item to be printed there. If...
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    A solenoid engine?

    Congratulations Dave. We all need something to aspire to these days. Ian.
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    Farm Boy running

    Cant help with your questions Simon, but gee it runs nice as it is. Ian.
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    On full size engines I am familiar with, the default position of the governor when stopped is full throttle as you surmise, Brian. I don't suppose you really mean "idle" speed just a suitable low speed for normal unloaded running. Ian.
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    Air Blast Injection Diesel - Update

    Hi Bruce, I would be very interested in any other literature you have located. As you can see, "mine's bigger than yours"! This was just loosely stood up last week in preparation for a display. Ian.
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    Single cylinder air blast injection diesel engine

    Hi Bruce, they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so I should be avoided at all costs!!! My previous statement was based on the fact that I knew that the gears on the crankshaft and the vertical shaft were different diameters, (13" and 9.5" as it turns out). However, closer examination...
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    Single cylinder air blast injection diesel engine

    Don't forget Bruce, the fuel pump does not cause injection. It only supplies fuel at a pressure higher than the blast air so that when the air-blast cam operates, fuel is then blown into the cylinder. If we want to be picky, we shouldn't say "injector". Willans, for example, called it an...
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    Single cylinder air blast injection diesel engine

    You were right Bruce, this is the 3 cylinder Willans from the old Carlton & United brewery. I will try and check the gear ratios on thursday when I am next on site. I do know that the vertical shaft runs faster than the crankshaft, possibly by 3:1. If this is correct, I assume it is to do with a...
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    Single cylinder air blast injection diesel engine

    Will be following with interest, Bruce. I don't know what details you may have been able to locate, but here are the internals of a full size air-blast injector for info. Ian.
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    Some people build Models, others build CNC PLASMA machines

    Rod, 1N4001's are only rated at 50 volts. 1N4007's are the 1000 volt ones. Ian.
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    Rockerblock I.C.--Something a little different-

    Andrew, I was only guessing about your diagram. The point was that the cams are at "about" 90 degrees not 180. Ian.
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    Rockerblock I.C.--Something a little different-

    With your settings Brian, shouldn't the cams be at exactly 90 degrees, ie 180 crankshaft degrees. Even in Ghosty's picture they "eyeball" at 90 degrees. Ian.
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    Car engine (airplane?)

    Looks like a fun ride whatever it is! No apparent brakes always makes it more interesting. :) Ian.
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    Bazmak-Making a turret/capstan for the minilathe

    I hadn't noticed before but in all your photos, South Aus seems to be one day ahead of the rest of the country.:D Ian.
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

    Always a pleasure to watch a real craftsman at work, no matter what he is producing. Of course, that applies to Terry as well! Ian.
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    Trying out metric

    I have always wondered at U.S. tv shows like CSI and Bones which routinely quote metric units for distance and weight. I thought they were just trying to be "scientific". Ian.
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    Universal motors...

    By the look of your diagram, none of them are important for the running of the motor. They are all only noise suppression caps to try and cover some of the natural arcing at the commutator. I can't try to guess at the correct values, but I am sure the motor would run without them if neccessary...