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  1. Shelton


    Those look really good. The good stuff takes time.
  2. Shelton

    A New Home for my Benz Engine

    That's amazing. I understand needing cooler temps for working in, but 4am, oh my. More power to you.
  3. Shelton

    Advertise and find ways to advertise on the forum

    The Supporting Members, Sponsors and those that do donations do help cover the costs and all that do so are appreciated.
  4. Shelton

    Best Hit and Miss Engine Model Kit from .... : Retrol HM-01

    The time shows as what timezone you have set the forum. At least things are being taken care of. Sponsor are to post their products in the Sponsor Market forum. Current Sponsors are listed in the Sponsor Directory forum.
  5. Shelton

    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    You MADE the springs?!? Very neat indeed.
  6. Shelton

    Diesel engine : Kromhout Gardner 4LW 1940

    What a very nice job you are doing.
  7. Shelton

    Memorial Day

    I love the small cars. How much fun.
  8. Shelton

    Tornado Season is here

    I use my phone as a hot spot for a tablet or small laptop. That way it is much easier to see and you'll have a keyboard that will work. Can you let the frig be off for a few hours at a time, and the lights, etc. It could save you some gallons of gas.
  9. Shelton

    Tornado Season is here

    Ah, tornado season. I've been watching and dodging for most of my adult life. I've lost family to one in 2011. And living in the tornado ally areas, one sure learns to watch the radar. I feel sorry for the ones effected by any of the tornadoes or high winds. We were under tornado...
  10. Shelton

    What have you been doing today?

    I hope you have a few photos you could share with us. If not now, maybe when you get back home. I hope you don't have snow when you arrive home.
  11. Shelton

    What have you been doing today?

    @Zeb that is so neat. And I'm enjoying having the windows open as the outside temps are higher now.
  12. Shelton

    Longboy's "THREE BELOW" Model Engine.

    Nice, and good photo documentation.
  13. Shelton

    New to Forum

    Welcome to the forum Bill. I hope you will have some neat projects to show via photos.
  14. Shelton

    Do you have any Seasonal decorations that you made?

    Now you have a whole year to think up something special.
  15. Shelton


    Why is the title of the link lined out? It still works.
  16. Shelton

    Unsatisfied !?

    This is wonderful thread with lots of good philosophies mentioned. All good ones, too!
  17. Shelton

    Pond at cabin fever

    Can you tell more about this event? Sounds very neat.
  18. Shelton

    Do you have any Seasonal decorations that you made?

    Since it's the season of Christmas and other festive holidays. Did you make any decorations that apply to that festive celebration? I'd love to see them?
  19. Shelton

    Holiday Countdown Mini-Project

    That is so nice. A project to make and take orders for, so extra funds for next year? That could even be used for birthdays, and other special dates. I'm thinking of a bride that was counting down the days to the wedding. That is another use for such as that.
  20. Shelton

    Totally off topics

    @Wheat47 That is fantastic. I would have loved to see that.