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  1. mcostello

    Parting tool chatter

    In The Home Shop Machinist magazine years ago there was an article from a Guy Who regularly parted off 11" and 18" bronze. A picture showed a piece of 11" being cut. He had a thin piece of metal wedged under the cut off tool. Not to burst anyone's bubble, including Mine.;)
  2. mcostello

    Leaky Check Valve

    Diversions are interesting in their own right.
  3. mcostello

    Looking for a old light bulb

    These are Electric Company figures taken off My bill.;)
  4. mcostello

    Looking for a old light bulb

    Switched the whole house over to Leds. Instant on which is great. Power usage is 18% less. Spent $140, saving $15 a month appx. 1 year in to this. Got a bargain on the bulbs $3.00 each.
  5. mcostello

    Lathe alignment problem.

    I don't know if the page is copy righted and don't want to make problems. If allowed I will post them.
  6. mcostello

    Lathe alignment problem.

    I would like to put this thread to rest and share the solution if it happens to anyone else. The lathe still turned big at the headstock end. I finally was able to find a roundtoit and tore it down. Loosened all the bolts holding the headstock down and loosened the alignment block. Up to this...
  7. mcostello

    True Diesel Engine

    If You show Your hung over employees a nasty picture You are not being an a.......... That might be the most sensible thing They have ever seen. Got to get to Them any way possible.
  8. mcostello


    I can order and ship to You if needed.
  9. mcostello

    Attempt at a coolant mister

    I bought a similar design. I can not get it to throttle down. The small plastic hose goes all the way through the flex tube and can be adjusted by shortening or lengthening it. Nothing I tried had any effect. I made a small adapter bushing to go in the end of the brass nozzle to duplicate the...
  10. mcostello

    Up in pun intended.

    Wet hay will combust, barn fires were more common back then. A guy I worked with had put up loose hay in the barn. Went up a while later and it had begun to smolder. He grabbed a fork and started throwing it out on the ground and it was catching fire as fast as He could throw it out.
  11. mcostello

    some days i tell ya

    I have a 16'x18' shop, pretty small. I lost something in it. I figured I would duplicate My searches so I started a list of every place I searched. Thought I would knock it out in a couple of days. Did not label the list so now I don't know what I was searching for.o_O
  12. mcostello

    Parting made easy

    My preferred way also, I made the best of both worlds and got an insert parting tool. the insert tool works better and upside down makes it even better than that.
  13. mcostello

    pre drilling for holes

    Bridgeport says 3/8" capacity when drilling.
  14. mcostello

    Need help setting up a large lathe (air interlock)

    I think I have missed Him starting His lathe up as I did not see My lights getting dim. :)
  15. mcostello

    pre drilling for holes

    .350 deep.
  16. mcostello

    pre drilling for holes

    If I have typed correctly, Google says 4.2mm is .1654, #19 is.166, not much difference.
  17. mcostello

    pre drilling for holes

    I have drilled 52 holes to tap 5mmx.8. Material is 304Stainles steel. The tap drill chart said to use a #19 drill, .166", tapping was horrendous. Increased the size to #18 ,.169" now doable without taking butt bites out of the chair. This is taking .0035" out of the hole or .00175" per size...
  18. mcostello

    pre drilling for holes

    Do it all the time with no problems. Don't buy extra fancy drill bits either.
  19. mcostello

    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    Gordon, You don't have to wind the indicator back each time, just put the indicator on the tool post and move it. It's easier to move the carriage. Then rock the chuck to find the low spot, or rock the chuck to indicate off the corners.
  20. mcostello

    Machining aluminum and heat

    I have made the best of both worlds, I made an upside down insert parting tool. The insert parting tools work well and work better when directing the chip downwards. I still would not like biting a cheroot in half while parting off.