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  1. ku4qb1

    Coles' Power Models

    I just ran across my Coles' Power Models cat. #26, from 1995. It still has the receipts for a set of Wall Flathead Four castings and extras tucked in it. Turns out I still have a credit due, where I overestimated the shipping. It sure would be nice to get that $1.81 back... :)
  2. ku4qb1

    Dallaire Pee Wee

    I picked up a casting for a little aero engine called the Dallaire Pee Wee. I was wondering if anyone has drawings for this engine? Thank you! Bill Shamblin
  3. ku4qb1

    Suppliers in US

    Hello. Can anyone recommend any current model engineering suppliers in the US? I'm looking for things like spur gears, small hex screws and such. Thank you! Bill Shamblin