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    Steam Verses Diesel On the Horseshoe Curve

    You got that one right Greg. Also consider that in the steam days a lot of those cars had friction bearings were as today they all have roller bearings. I remember 5 of us once pushed an empty hopper car across a turnout. Also it was on level track. The car was empty of course, but we won't have...
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    small Grizzly knee mill

    Just to give you a poke here George. I moved a Bridgeport into the basement back in 2008. Gives you a chance to take it apart, clean it and then put ti back together again. :big: Here's the thread: But then again you may not have...
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    advice needed making valve linkage

    R, Don't want to hi jack the thread, but that is not a Elmer's engine. That was published in one of those popular mechanix or such publication many, many years ago. My dad built it while at work, again many many years ago. Bernd
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    Thank You Steve Jobs

    Not to put a damper on this but, how about Job's tech partner Steven Wozniazk. Here's a quote from the Woz : "We were just a great combination back at the start," Woz told me, "because I had such incredible tech talents and Steve had just the business overview, the desire to make something out...
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    New Grizzly Mini Mill

    PM sent. Bernd
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    New Grizzly Mini Mill

    Ok, we're straying of subject here, so I have one comment left here - That room comes with a price tag, it's called taxes. As long has you can enjoy your hobby in that area that's all that counts. Thm: Bernd
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    New Grizzly Mini Mill

    Sorry about that picture Pete. Here's what it looks like about 10 years later. :big: And here is what it's going to look like redone. Not quite at the same angle, but same direction. I've been updating my shop. I've installed better work benches. If your interested how it started, here's a...
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    New Grizzly Mini Mill

    Hey Roger, is it the same one as I have? If so get the inch lead screws from Micro Mark. It's worth it. I think this October it's time for you to make a visit. stickpoke I've changed my model shop around. I think you'll like it. Bernd
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Love those video's Kvom. Thm: Bernd
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    Recommended books

    The Bedside Reader's series by Guy Lautard. Great for beginners and pros alike. You'll see tool making and one very important article to me - "How To Orginate an Orginal Index Plate". Lot's of tricks that the old timers used that are now done on CNC machines. Bernd
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    milling machine choice, what mill do you have for small engine building

    John, I have the the Mini G8689. I changed the lead screws from 16tpi to 20tpi. I don't like that the whole head with spindle assembly travels up and down. I like a seperate spindle travel. Which the mini dosen't have. I fixed that problem by getting a used Bridgeport, which I have room for...
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    HF tool grinder 46727

    Chuck, I bought one last year just because it was on sale. I'd like to put a diamond wheel at one end and a regular grinding wheel on the other, not the green one's it comes with. I'd also like to make better tables for it for repeatable grinding. So far I haven't done anything with it. To...
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    It's official now

    Doc, I'm a bit confused here. The specs call for 220-240 volts. Your saying you only need 120 volts? Is the 120 volts for the CNC? BTW, nice looking Birdge.....................ah I mean Supra. Bernd
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    Expanding Collet design question

    Sounds to me like it would work. Now here's another question to ask yourself, since you mentioned the medium your working with, will it expand the OD to the point were once released from the collet the dia. of the part might be smaller than you wanted after turning? You could also make an arbor...
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    Idiot Sightings

    I'd go to the hardware store and ask "Where are the cold water heater tanks, I see you only have hot water heater's back there". Bernd
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    Surface Grinders, general question

    In the days of manual grinders, meaning non-CNC, I say no. The wheel is harder than the surface your grinding. Any variance would be in the millionth's of an inch. Not of any concern to the homeshop machinist. Bernd
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    bevel gears? is it possible?

    What do you want to cut "spiral bevels" or straight bevels"?
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    Idiot Sightings

    I love conversations with people who talk about "hot water heaters". I always ask, "Why do you want to heat hot water". The stupid look on their face as they try to answer that is precious.
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    Idiot Sightings

    I had a moment like that with my wife. I'll tell you since she doesn't read this forum.............yet. We had to be at our financier, so I meet her in the parking lot. And to make a long story short - she needed to get back in the car. She came back to me all frazzled saying she couldn't...
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    I'd pay the £2.50, but not the £17.50 VAT. I don't think there's any value added to that by making it in plastic, but I guess the British guberment needs the money. Rof} :hDe: