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    Technical Problems

    can also see them and get the same result as the rest blank looking links and a blank playback screen as above if the link is clicked using FF on an iMac so its not browser related its simply the link needs removing
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    Request to all members

    do it BEFORE they get to PB then......
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    Request to all members

    PS quoting a whole/complete picture heavy post simply to reply with a meaningless 2 or 3 word sentence is banned or deeply frowned upon on many forums often leading to warnings and bans and resulting in moderators editing posts as need be to remove these ridiculous bandwidth wasters
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    Request to all members

    forum default is 10 so setting to 10 makes no difference at all if you haven't changed the setting previously and Yes, you can resize your photos in bulk if you have the right software but what that software is for you, im afraid i dont know that is your choice
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    Request to all members

    or just simply reduce the size of your photos you can reduce them in physical size without reducing the visible size this taken from the PB help pages Free users have limited bandwidth for their accounts, and that limit is set to 10GBs of bandwidth per month. Bandwidth consumption is counted...
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    Protection from ad servers and trackers

    been using this for about a year now its really good, and easy to operate but it is actually available for ALL the main browsers
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    Help with identification and sizing

    Hey , Thanks interesting
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    Help with identification and sizing

    Afternoon Gents and Ladies Yesterday I went to a booty and happened upon these items and thought they would be of some use in the workshop somehow. They have a normal tapping thread at one end and the other end is simply bent over at 90˚. Anybody know what they're called and...
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    Better Pictures--(I Hope)

    how about some with and without photos so as to gauge the difference with flash, without flash with brolley, without brolley and im guessing you have a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS :D
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    New Forum - New problems. Post them here.

    nice ! i like the new page numbers under the thread title in the thread lists much better than it used to be so much easier to get to where you want ;)
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    Grinding wheel ID

    its a shame your not in the UK i could have used a couple of those off you never mind :(