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    Pin Map

    That's a shame. It would be nice to meet some of you who are near me. If I find a different way of doing it, who would I need to get permission off?
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    Drill press jig

    Can you please post a link to the website.
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    7x15 mini lathe compound table mod

    Really nice.
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    Drive belt for HD 250 x 750

    Arc eurotrade should have it then. If I'm correct the G4000 is the 9x20 lathe!
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    Surface grinder

    I'll find the link to the YouTube video for the morning. Talk about it tomorrow?
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    Surface grinder

    Hello mate, Yeah sure, say about 10ish? I want to do the diamante moglice upgrade on the ways and slides. Is there anything you don't have lol. G
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    Surface grinder

    Hi guys, Apologise if this is in the wrong area. I'm in Manchester area, UK. I'm in need of someone with a surface grinder. So far all the engineering companies I've rung don't have one. Not to mention about as helpful as a chocolate gearbox. Can anyone help me?
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    Rudy Kouhoupt's Open Column Steam Engine - Cast & Double Size

    I did notice you had no vents. When I did my first pour, I had vents for each pillar, I didn't have my mould glowing hot either...
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    Steam powered Skiff where do I start?

    Hi guys, Don't know if anyone is after 3" diameter copper pipe, but my local scrap metal dealer has metres of the stuff. Let me know if anyone is in need. Added that because of johns comment. I've bought myself some as I nearly fainted at the prices in the UK 😨
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    Hi John, Condolences about your friend. I hope your latest health problems are on the mend. Its been a fair few weeks since I was last in the workshop, but yesterday I managed a good 4 hrs without any ill effects. Everyday in every way, it gets easier and easier by the inch. Stay in touch...
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    Simple mill threading tool

    So simple, yet so effective. My list of things to make is getting longer and longer, I'm shortly going to need a loan from the bank for stock 😂
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    I'm not one for giving up John lol. I always worked, so sitting around doing nothing has driven me nuts, well so the wife tells me. I'm in the process of making my own CNC machine to add to my other collection of 9x20 lathe, mini mill, tig welder ect ect lol. According to a fb group, I suffer...
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    Hi all, I am a medically retired HGV driver, my main disability is psoriasis induced Arthritics. I've built my own workshop, but ive been adapting my lathe and mill with larger handles and power feeds. Enough of my dabbling, look forward to contributing what i can. Graham