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    1/2 inch by 11 thread bolt ????

    Please no. This likely an old iron casting that might not take kindly to thread abuse. With a little gogglig you can find a vendor like: High Speed Steel Special Pitch Taps | HSS Special Thread Taps which lists at least one tap.
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    Loading quill bearings

    Do you mean tapered roller bearing or cylindrical roller bearing. I'm not familiar with the specific Grizzly mill but but there are two possibilities
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    BF20/G0704 Spindle Belt Drive Advice/Info Request

    Poly V or similar profiles are the way to go. J should work, but it is advisable to go through the engineering calculations to make sure. I'm attaching one design guide, not the one I was hoping to find but it should help. Note that on page 190 you can figure out the horse power per...
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    BF20/G0704 Spindle Belt Drive Advice/Info Request

    That is a nice looking upgrade! Do you happen to know your ratios for high and low? I'm not really sure why the builders of these machines even bother with gears when the mills aren't not suitable for high torque milling in the first place. Belt drives would even be cheaper.
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    New cnc Lathe build.

    it has been awhile since I dropped in. that spindle machining must have taken forever. Your tool indexer looks to be most interesting as is this whole build. keep up the good work.
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    Reusing scrap

    Well that kinda sucks but at least you don't need to worry about the Wuhan Virus. 99.999% sure that you can find a use for them. If you don't you can trade them off to other model makers for different materials. This is far more difficult to answer. Are you able to hard mill and turn...
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    Looking for a old light bulb

    All I can do is wish you lots of luck. Finding filament based light bulbs has become a huge chore. We have a lot of comparators and other old optical equipment and have to search hard to find old bulbs these days at work. Frankly the quality isn't as good as it use to be either. You...
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    Compression Testing

    Just be extremely careful doing this as knocking the crank off TDC could result in rapid rotation of the crank and anything attached to it.
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    Protect part while turning

    I've had good luck with plastic shim stock. Very easy to cut and if you have too, to free up a hand it can be held in place with tape. The nice thing here is that plastic shim stock can be had in "books" that have "pages" of various thickness which comes in handy around the shop. So buying...
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    Simple cam grinding jig

    I see nothing here that should have stopped you from posting! If anything it shows that there is always room for innovation and simple is often good. By the way thanks for the video also. I would consider a motor drive for a more consistent results but that would be trivial for anybody...
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    Cheap tool dodge

    That is a pretty common approach. You can even buy drill press fixtures that supposedly help you do the same thing. At one time there was a vendor for fine tip hole saws that supposeldy work better in this sort of work.
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    How tight??

    This is a good question. I look at it this way the worse thing you can do to a spindle is to spin an arbor in the taper. If you buy that then the best thing is to make sure the taper is never "loose". Since I usually work with R8 based mills holding, cutters in collets, not having the...
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    1/2 inch by 11 thread bolt ????

    This has already been covered well but it is worth pointing out that Unified Threads came about after WW2 due to the need for compatibility with US and British standards. There where standards before that but lets put it this way far too many standards. What isn't also well known is that not...
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    a samll rortary table by g.h. thomas

    That nonsense about 70 years after the authors death is one of the more stupid things that cam from Europe as it was never that long in the USA. I can understand protecting the original author for a specific number of years and while he is alive but 70 years after his death makes no sense at all.
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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Thanks to everyone making Cabin Fever a success. I could almost carbon copy parts of my post last year where I was happy to make it back in one piece, Got caught in a heavy bit of snow driving through NY. As for the "pond issue", it would be a shame not to have the diversity of steam...