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    Miniature QC Tool Post System

    I agree completely! ;D -another guy named Todd
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    Miniature QC Tool Post System

    What a brilliant set-up! Thm:
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    The way it used to be (and still is)

    Aside from the lack of safety glasses it looks like a fun place to work.
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    This vid is a good start:
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    I never got around to changing gears on my mill as I did the belt drive very early on. However I DID do the gear change on my 7x12 lathe which is basically the same gearbox as the x2. Changing out to metal main gears was not a bad job, just make sure to take good pics of the spindle before you...
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    Try this:
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    Where to buy belt drive?

    Out of Stock
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    Carbide parting off tool

    I have worked in production shops on lathes up to 48" swing where big beefy carbide is the rule. Now that I am retired and running my own lathe (12x36) I have re-discovered the joys of a good HSS parting tool. I am not talking about the crappy Chinese flat blades. I grind my own out of 1/2"...
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    gripping the inside of a small hole

    Take a look at this:
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    Have a laugh!

    Made it as far as: "Makes my farts sound louder. The hair must have acted as a interlocking silencer.. I give this the big thumbs up. 5/5" and nearly threw up I was laughing so hard!! :big:
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    I really wish I had...

    Well, my 2 piece vise from Enco arrived. I didn't get any before pics because I was in a hurry to start tweaking it. As with most things Chinese it was HORRIBLY out of square. I had to take almost .050" off the bottoms just to get full contact with the mill table. This is the reason that most...
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    April 25

    Brothers in arms mate...brothers in arms! :bow:
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    insert for boring bar

    If you can scratch the gear bore with a file you can cut it with carbide.
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    I really wish I had...

    Guess what I just broke down and bought...a 2 piece milling vise. :big:
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    I really wish I had...

    What mill are you using it on?