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    Advice sought re: 3D printer purchase

    Mike, Ken here in Hobart. Like you I wanted a 3d printer to print stuff with, not mess around with the tech., so after much looking & reading I bought a Prusa I3 Mk3S+ and have had good experience with it for the last 6 months or so. I have printed off a lot of things, both for me and also...
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    Heat treating high alloy and high-speed steel tools

    To add to Henniel's safety warnings re. liquid nitrogen, suffocation by nitrogen gas is quite insidious as the brain only reacts to an increase in carbon dioxide, NOT a reduction in oxygen- hence there is absolutely no warning of suffocation by excess nitrogen in the air- one moment you are...
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    melting grader slide/wear plates

    Thanks guys, I have sent them an email for price plus shipping to Tassie. Will keep you posted.
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    melting grader slide/wear plates

    coulsea, where did you get your Devil Forge from? I have searched, but can't find anything outside of America, and their ebay shop has no product in it to order. Ken.
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    Odd Camshaft design idea

    I served my time as an engine fitter in the RAF, where we did all the same sort of things, filing large lumps of metal in to smaller ones and generally learning how to use the basic hand tools in the approved manner- it has stood me in good stead in the (rather too many) years since- except for...
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    5”gauge Diesel loco.

    Very nice loco George- how about a video of it running on the track? and do you have any pictures of the engine and it's build you could show us?
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum Harry- great bunch of people, lots of of interesting stuff going on. Whereabouts in Sheffield are you from? I left Shiregreen 45 years ago, now in living in Tasmania. From what I've heard Sheffield has changed a lot since I left.
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    Hullo from Or-straylia

    G'day Andrew, welcome aboard from me also- normally resident in Hobart, but currently avoiding the winter by sunning myself in Darwin.
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    Welding a copper boiler?

    Brian D, fyi there has been a AALS (Australian Association of Live Steamers) duplex stainless steel boiler code since 2010- I would think a boiler built to that code should be acceptable in most places. Ken.
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    Werowance builds a webster

    werowance, if it's any help to you (or others), here is a link to one of my web pages, at the bottom of the page is a link to a downloadable spreadsheet I wrote that will calculate the various diameters needed for gear blanks. I mostly did it for...
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    Hi Paul, I have a couple of questions about supergerbil. Is it possible to get a 5-axis board...

    Hi Paul, I have a couple of questions about supergerbil. Is it possible to get a 5-axis board without any of the plug-in drivers?- I have a number of them spare now and really don't need any more. Are all the supergerbil boards the same except for the number of plug-in drivers supplied? Is...
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    Getting forum update emails daily

    I also would like weekly or even monthly, daily is just too much, there is not enough new information.