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    Which O-Ring for piston ring?

    Parker handbook on o-ring has a temperature chart: Perfluorinated Elastomer (FFKM) 250C to 300C, TFE/Propropylene (FEPM) 235C to 250C, silicone rubber (VMQ) 210C to 250C, and Flourocarbon Rubber (FKM) 205C to 250C.
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    Making a Simple Ceramic Burner

    FreeCAD, yes zero cost, is a design software where you can model the burner. It has a work bench that allows you to do finite element. I have not used it but part of that work bench is a fluid flow analysis. I do not know if in includes burning where temperature and gas properties change...
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    Sun-Planet Engine

    The approach would be interesting for a four stroke engine since the valve cam could be on the output shaft and each rotation of the shaft is a powered. What needs to be determined is the weight and size effect.
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    Trouble with cut off operations

    You tuber Wink's Metal Working Tips has been working on cut off tooling. Chuck overhang issue effecting cut off: Cutt off tool design: modifying cut off tool part 1 and 2:
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    Making a distributor cap

    PC board need to have good dielectric properties. So starting there [ ] G9 glass melamine 7.12 dielectric constant and 0.017 dissipation factor. Epoxy FR glass is 5.2 dielectric constant and 0.025...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    I had the opportunity to have experts design the gears for the few times I needed them. As an aerospace company we pushed gear and bearing hard. Purchase many of them so the manufactures were happy to present seminars which I did attend. Basic understanding is that a gears do not move if...
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    Feasibility of small 4-cycles in practical usage?

    Heat of combustion is not that much different in a two or four stroke engine. The reed valve is closed when it is exposed on one side by the ~2000+F temperature gas, but on the other side of the thin sheet of metal it is pressed hard against a metal surface often aluminum. Aluminum is a...
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    Fixing an old lathe with spindle "droop"

    The picture doesn't show a tail stock but still if you can a line up the spindle shaft with the tool bit holder for a boring bar then your in business. Options is to machine hard wood journal bearing that are well oiled for doing the machining. Can replace the back bearing with a hard wood...
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    Fixing an old lathe with spindle "droop"

    I looked up Greenwood & Batley Ltd on the 'Vintage Machinery' organization site Didn't find your lathe but found two that may help others on how it is likely built.
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    Fixing an old lathe with spindle "droop"

    I assume the shaft is not parallel with the bed and the likely problem is with the bearing close to the chuck. I also assume that you have a hole in the spindle shaft for a Morse taper. I also assume you have a Morse taper in the tail stock. The problem you have is to machine out the bearing...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    You may try drawing and calculating software offered by gear manufacture. Manufactures get expert gear designers involved so the likelihood of getting usable gears is higher then the coders that make the gear design listed above except for Gearotic. You need to signup with them. I didn't do...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    I when through Gearotic tutorials. Clearly this is a professional program and can take care of every issue. I was not clear if the two spur gear model that were made with the minimum input actually inserted clearance. Note typically the center distance is increased by some fraction of the...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    I believe that all the gear programs do a good job creating the involute curves. What they seem to not do is to make the small changes that experts gear designers do. And that is expected because the coders are not gear designers. So let us say your making a planetary gear set, design three...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    MathCAD is version like 20 so I can not use anything published in version 7. However it is a very popular program for people to use. A lot of masters papers are done using mathCAD for the same reason I like it. Great place to find the equations and method of solving them. You could use them...
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    Help regarding internal gear

    MathCAD is a program to do math. I basically typed in the equations found at this web site or the handbook from Stock Drive Products metric gear book. Looks nice but it just doing math. A few...