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    NAMES 2022

    This is absolutely untrue. Further, it is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The solution is simple, obvious and within grasp but for a stubborn segment of the population. My patience with them is wearing thin. They are the ones now driving the remaining restrictions. Craig Apologies for...
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    Model sized nuts

    You might want to check Spaenaur in Kitchener, ON. They have an extensive selection of hardware. For example, they have 4-40 hex nuts in steel, brass, stainless steel and aluminum with 2 sizes (across the flats) and 2 thicknesses. Although not all combinations and permutations...
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    Flywheel Castings

    Could you supply a link? I browsed their site but could only find wheels with plastic hubs. Craig
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    How are the bearings in the saw itself? Any crunchiness when turning by hand? Craig
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    R&D Bandsaws in Brampton, ON offer both bi-metal and "Carbon flexible back" blades in variety of widths and tooth patterns. You can buy coil material and weld your own or have them make the size you need. They are super knowledgable about woodworking use and I assume they have similar...
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    For Sale 3AT Collet set -- Canada

    Offering a set of 16 3AT collets from 1/32 to 1/2 inch together with a Morse taper 3 adapter. Asking $75 Canadian plus any shipping at cost. My understanding is that these were designed to work with an Atlas, South Bend or Logan lathe with a MT3 spindle. Missing is an appropriate draw...
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    220, 440, 380, is like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates! You never know what you're going to find!! Larger industrial 3 phase equipment in Canada is more likely to be 550/575/600 volts, 60 hertz. But there are lots of other variants out there...
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    BTW, on another forum that I follow, a fellow has been restoring and adding a VFD to a DoAll bandsaw. Albeit is somewhat larger model: Craig
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    You are exactly right. If you search for "static phase converter", there are several suppliers of such equipment. The description from North American Phase Converters website, as an example, says:
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    Just curious what you had before and why you were looking to upsize? Craig
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    Linked/toothed/segmented vee belts...

    I believe this information is (long) out of date. Some decades ago, maybe the 1970's or earlier, you had to specify if you wanted "a matched set of v-belts". Since then, manufacturing tolerances have tightened so much that this is no longer necessary. All v-belts stretch a little when first...
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    Heat treating high alloy and high-speed steel tools

    Great writeup! Curious about the stress relief and the HSS hot enough to show colour at those temps (500-650 C)? Would love to see pictures when the pieces were at temperature but I'm sure you had more pressing issues to deal with! ;) Craig
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    Keeping 01 free of carbon buildup while hardening.

    If you want a short summary of traditional high-carbon steel versus the fancy alloys that benefit from cryogenic treatment, try: Hock Tools is highly respected in the woodworking arena for making top quality edge tools. Craig
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    Small heat treat or ceramic oven and toolpost grinder

    Is this the one you ordered? These are remarkably inexpensive! Apparently takes an 80mm wheel (a bit over 3 inches) and runs at 6,000 RPM. As long as it has half-decent bearings, I would think it would be...