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    harrison m300 rebuild

    here some picture
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    harrison m300 rebuild

    Hello to everyone i hope I'm in the right thread about machinery i purchase a lathe Harrison m300 and i found the bed of machine worn for hi is age and the gap bed was removed and i have straight bed i want to replace the bed and rebuild all parts, paint etc.... what i fount between bed and...
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    Build my own milling machine

    Hi everyone I'm new here and even wit website but this is different story So my intention to build whole milling machine and need some informations about cast iron used I have chosen grey cast 250 grade or sG500-7 and don't know witch one to use for , even for column any help here thanks
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    Making lathe from scratch and using mild steel plate? Why use cast iron?

    Hi everyone maybe not the right post here,but need some to give me a quick help regarding about grey cast iron 250 grade or ductile cast iron 500-7(sg). My intention to build my own milling machine and I'm in stage to build the head for it but not sure what of the top cast iron to use. Any...