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    4. I give it to the neighbour and he does his magic (spark errosion). 5. Use a small Endmill and mill around the tap (worked once for me) or one of those drills that leave a core. Later plug oversize hole and redrill.
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    Black Hills Show 2022

    Haha, got it, but you maybe can go to his next wedding. Make sure you are not caught on camera at the show. :cool:
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    Are lathe tool carbide inserts supposed to be sharp?

    CBN wheels can usually be bought from the same companies that also make diamond grinding wheels or other grinding wheels. :cool: Not as difficult to find as they are difficult to pay for.... haha. If you want to grind HSS CBN is the way to go.
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    What do you recommend for beginners?

    Here is a thread to this engine, I thought it was a good beginners project. Manageable number of parts, Youtube built instructions to follow along step by step. Greetings Timo
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    Flycutter for gear hobbing.

    Hello Stan,That is quite a post to digest. :cool: A good video collection with some nice alternative to hardening. For some reason hardening steel was not (yet) working out, without having tried very persistent. I must admit. That is the next worm can sitting in the rabbits storage room. Today...
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    Flycutter for gear hobbing.

    Did you use the flycutters for cutting and indexing? Have lots of not so good trials :cool: If I cannot make them smaller and try again, they become spacers. (at least they are reamed holes with something around them) With the right spring it will make a good ratchet wheel. Tried to make...
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    Cutting fluids

    I would not know, I am more on the confused side of things, less on the "cooling-consultant" side :cool: as I say more dangerous half knowledge and what I try to find out, by asking people for advise. I have the feeling the cutting oil is not such a bad solution for what you do. I am thinking of...
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    Flycutter for gear hobbing.

    Hello Pete, yes the mentioned book is for sure the starting point with lots of explanations. It does not cover a whole lot of hobbing. The "free" hobbing of the wormwheel comes closest to what I am trying to do, but with only one tooth free hobbing will not work out. I like the small mechanical...
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    Flycutter for gear hobbing.

    A while ago I saw some "magic" single tooth flycutter used on a hobbing machine. (cannot find the youtube anymore) Now it is a little hit and miss, because I do not really understand what I am doing :) I ground a tip that should be matching the gap in a gear rack. ( I used a commercial hob to...
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    Cutting fluids

    I think pretty much, confusion probably is our fate, because it is complex and not becoming easier with additional options for cooling and cutting tools. I guess people who are not confused, are either just clueless or can make a living as "cooling-consultant". Following my dangerous half...
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    A little ID help here please.

    The dog bone things seem to be castings for a "Universal Pillar tool" or similar? e.g. this ones
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    Cutting fluids

    Thank you for the explanation. Gear pump? ( so I need to make a gear pump first?, a gear pump for the gear cutter ;)) Were did you get the gear pump and what size is it. It seems I should give the oil a try. Slow rpm so I guess splashing will not be too bad. It seems to be a good fit for my...
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    Cutting fluids

    Thank you for reply Tom, So that is about 6bar and up to 0.850 m3/min, not really low. I was not aware that there are dedicated coolers like this available. A simple plastic cooling nozzle ( blue one with orange tip ) near the cutter costs as much as a *$$coffee and does already help a little...
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    Cutting fluids

    Bummer: "require no electricity just a compressed air source!". Yes just connect it to the "compressed air wall(et) outlet?" :rolleyes::D Questions: How much air is it using? How much noise does it make? Greetings Timo
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    Cutting fluids

    Hello, Is the coolant recirculated? Pumped filtered system sounds like it. The water soluble oil I was using from one brand was "horrible stink after some time stuff", now I am using a different type which is better, but still requires "maintenance" refill, keeping concentration up, occasional...