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    Westbury Wallaby Engine

    thanks folks for the info I now have the engine and the workmanship is great I were wondering about the brass castings as I have never seen a wallaby other than aluminium so I now know its earlier than I thought the lady I purchased from gave me some history about her dad so its nice to have...
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    Hit and Miss Engine Model

    guys its only a blank for the real thing cant you see it behind the tool cabinet
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    Westbury Wallaby Engine

    engine has new loving owner more eye candy more casting fondling ah s#% ts going back to a teenager 60 years young I remember reading about ET westbury as a young lad and being fascinated by his talent now have kitty wake, kitty hawk ,sealion. and now wallaby some retirement machining...
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    Flywheels size

    wow it will be an interesting project I admire someone who can make something work from those patent drawings
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    Fuel injection for model diesels, how can it be done?

    thank you so much your work and detail I beautiful and I can understand why you hesitated to say yes to enquires the load gets heavy when someone wants a long ride on your back
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    Enquiry about Westbury Sealion

    hi I would be very happy to purchase those as mine have patches of corrosion on them still usable but unsightly so if you are happy to send at my cost plus what you want to sell them $$ for to new Zealand send me a p/m or email with a price and we will talk...
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    Enquiry about Westbury Sealion

    hi there I do have a sealion incomplete due to our earthquake here in Christchurch the cam was lying in liquifaction and got gobbled up with rust and corrosion I certainly would be interested in purchasing any thing that would get the old girl halfway back to complete regards john
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    My Webster model 4 stroke engine

    keep up the great work we need kids like you to join the work force and not afraid to use their hands or brains I work as a small engine tech and every day I wish I could find some one like you to train and learn this trade the general run of kids these days wouldn't know how to even...
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    Junika - V Twin Boxer FS engine

    great now I see its done done as a standard radial sorry I was having brain fade as most radials are designed with odd number of cylinders for even firing I have often wondered what an even n=umber of cyls would sound like this should sound like heaven I will be waiting for the video...
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    Junika - V Twin Boxer FS engine

    I love that engine also would love to know the way you have set up the crank shaft look up the caminez aero engine I think that's the correct spelling is this how you have set this up awesome work regards john just had another look at your engine definitely not the way you have done your...
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    Haynes Engines

    often thought of getting one of those and doing the same thing would be quite a little grunt machine
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    Gone as far as I can

    yep enjoy what you can while you can as my work mate says he is yet to find a hearse with a tow bar;)
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    my new project model A

    measuring and drawing from the full size specs every thing except the bore size scales to 1/5 so back to drawing proper drawings I can work with for building this little paper weight the photo is of the twin carb hot rod model that hobby club sent me in reply to some questions I had a very...
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    my new project model A

    sorry cogsy you must have posted as I were typing
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    my new project model A

    look up profi engines right at the bottom of the page I dont know where these castings came from originally or how they got to england but I saw them on ebay they were relisted twice and i could not really afford them but sold a recon engine from the shed just in time to bid 15 years ago...