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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    That is some nice progress!
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Oh, I don't doubt it. The issue comes with all my other distractions, that pesky thing called a job, and my fiscal obligations to my family.
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    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    A beautiful bit of work. Makes me want to get out to the shop and start on one myself. Thayer
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    Fixing a Wonky crankshaft

    Brian, A quick question. .003 sounds like a lot to me. Regardless of the chuck accuracy, shouldn't the bored hole run true within the tolerance of the spindle bearings? Or did you pull it to admire your handiwork and then rechuck it before measuring the runout?
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    Elmer' #33 - Yet another mill engine - DONE

    Indeed, that is the object in question. Apparently I haven't been keeping up on your build thread either! Well, it certainly hasn't been 27 years since I made a part for mine, so I will consider it still current! Thanks for the reprieve. Thayer
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    Elmer' #33 - Yet another mill engine - DONE

    Stan, that is a beauty! You've got several interesting embellishments that personalize it quite nicely. I found myself pausing the video repeatedly to see some of your details and setups. One spot where I had a question was between 1:06 and 1:10 where you show a row of what looks to be brass...
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    Elmers Grasshopper Engine

    I actually did all the detail work on my valves with a 1/16 end mill. You can see them taking shape starting on post #45 of the build thread for my Elmer's #33. I haven't touched it in a while, but now that model airplane season is over in my shop for a while, I will make some more progress...
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    Miniature Tool Collection

    simply stunning.
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    Tool Cabinet time---Again

    Brian, A job well done indeed! Love the tilt back solution. Thayer
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    Miniature Tool Collection

    I would definitely sign your art for future generations to appreciate. As wonderful as this forum is, I can't imagine it being around 50 years from now, let alone longer.
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    Miniature Tool Collection

    Ralph, these are beautiful! Thayer
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    Elmer's Grasshopper

    Congratulations Weez, a job well done and rightfully recognized. You've definitely inspired me to get going on my #33 again. Unfortunately I am in the midst of model airplane season right now.
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    First Engine Elmer's #29

    Ed, that is a wonderful job, well done! I have not done anything on my #33 lately, as I have too many other commitments right now. I am keeping the parts visible in the shop so that it doesn't get forgotten though. Seeing your #29 is definitely inspiring. In fact when I started my #33 I made a...
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    Sounds about right, but it was quite a while ago and not used since.
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    Used Dial Indicators Found homes

    I just sent a PM. Thayer