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    I find that I must say thank you and goodbye.

    I understand. I helped make this site at the very beginning and have moved on and am happy just to stop by and say hello.
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    Dropping by to say hello

    Iv been doing very little machining but have started glass blowing and lampworking. I have a GTT Bobcat torch. Glass has much of the scientific and technical challenges that are shared with metal working. I am going to get a lathe set up for glass also. here I make a glass pipe, now days I...
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    A bit of fun forging Knives from railroad spikes

    DSL has been messed up could not get online for more then a minute or two. Here are the last 2 of 3 iv made.
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    A bit of fun forging Knives from railroad spikes

    Had some spikes from last summers river trips in the car and decided to make some knives. Its simple, twist, heat and pound. grind and shine up.
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    Merry Christmas.

    This Christmas is very special to me this year,I'm with my daughter, it will be the 3rd time in 21 years we are together. She was with her mom and I never could find her in the past. 14 years ago I dated a lady with 2 cute kids. their dad was my best friend since 4th grade,, anyway... her and I...
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    What do you do while the turkey bakes?

    I fixed my girlfriends freezer, fixed the bumper on her van. fixed her toilet. cleaned her chimney and washed ever dish dirtied in the last 2 days. The the young women (2 step daughters and my daughter) went pie crazy, made 10 pies and 50 mini pies for the 8 of us. My girlfriend agrees its way...
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    I can lift my 80 Lb. milling machine vise with one hand!

    years ago when I was in better shape I would one hand pluck the vice from the mill and set it on the bench. I figured it was 30-40 pounds but it was 79 pounds. The vice was not bad but a big rotary table with a 12" chuck was a real beast to lift and set on the bench. Not a one hand operation...
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    XP Xpired

    Im running a laptop with windows 7 64 bit,and 4 gigs of DDR3 ram 500 gig hd. it is great. The only software that wont run is my sony vegas pro 10 video editing software. :(
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    I Have a New Hero

    Choir was fun in my teens but ours was 7th grade . It was 3 boys, (my two friends and I) and 30 girls. Everyone had fun and we all got good grades.
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    Fun with my daughter and a magnifying glass

    Time to cut her loose on and ant hill on a sunny day. :big:
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    Interesting read. I was programming computers in 1982, damn good but it did not get me anywhere. I got strait A's in college, took engineering, welding , machining,surveying, math, drafting and all the CAD I could. I was in the computer lab till late at night,the staff would lock me in and let...
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    Newish ...

    You can do it. I made my first runner with nothing more than a drill press.
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    Health Issues

    Since I became diabetic and quit drinking alcohol I have less acid reflux as I eat a few small meals a day. feeling good now days but the diabetes trashed my eyesight.
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    What i do!

    That is trick, thanks for sharing.
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    Health Issues

    Thanks Jerry I have been on acid reducers for about 10 years. :o I get dizzy and weak a lot. Im going to have this looked into for myself now.