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    castings for sale - All SOLD

    Unfortunately, I didn't received any! Please try again or hans.u at . Thank you! Hans
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    castings for sale - All SOLD

    Thank you for the prices. However I am only interested if the castings were made from the initial mouldings and not made useing other castings for moulding. A photo of the case would show me this. I have already bought a set, which is a rel. poor replica casting. If necessarily, I will make my...
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    castings for sale - All SOLD

    Hi, I am particularily interested in the Aeronca castings! Are they made useing the initial Cheeeery mouldings? Would you show a picture of the casting, at least of the engine caseing? Thank you, Hans
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    Shipping US to Canada

    Hi Charlie, Do you remember me? I wanted to build an Aeronca E-113 in 1/4 scale after the Chenery plans, which I have. I am now retired and want persue this project. Sorry, I didnˋt find another way to contact you but this! I would appreciate if you would send me an email to h.u.gautschi at...
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    Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition - a few IC engine photos

    HI, You have posted beautiful projects! Thanks a lot! Can anyone lead me to a builder/designer of an 1/3 sacle DH Gipsy I model engine? There are several built in 1/4 scale, but I am looking for a larger version suitable to power a museum scale 1/3 Gipsy Moth! Any inputs are much...
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    My Kinner K5

    Ron Colona's Offy. I lost all of my solidworks files for it in a mishap so I went back to working on the K5 especially after obtained the Monarch as most of the K5 is turned at one point or another. Hi, This is a very nice and professional project! I would be interested in purchasing a...
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    Kinner Progress

    Hi, This is a very nice an professional project! I would be interested in purchasing a completed engine! By the way, is there anyone who made supplemtal drawings to create the Kinner B5 on the basis of the K5? Hans, Switzerland
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    Aeronca 1/4 scale E-113 model engine castings

    :)Hi Andrew and Charlie, Thank you very much for your input! -> Hemmingway doesn't have the castings, he tried to buy them from John, but hve not been successful so far! Charlie, you have very nice projects and a very wellequipped shop too! The Aeronca engine looks terrific beautiful! I really...
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    Aeronca 1/4 scale E-113 model engine castings

    Hi all, I just bought the plans from John Genery (son of Les) for both the Aeronca E-113 and DH Gipsy I engine in 1/4 scale and am looking to buy castings! Can anyone provide a lead? Your help would most be appreciated! Kind regards Hans U. Gautschi, Switzerland
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