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    Adhesives for Round Rubber Belting

    The way to heat them is by heating up a piece of metal plate while it is being jammed in between the two ends of the belt you wish to join. As soon as the plate is hot, pull the ends away, the plate drops on the floor (careful) and push the ends together again. Loctite used to make an adhesive...
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    Carburetor with accelerator pump

    Yes, Perry Pumps are (used to be?) available. Some people like them, but I like to get my engines to operate without them. Glow engines also use a pressure tap on the silencer to pressurise the fuel tank, all other pipes to the tank being sealed, apart from the feed pipe. If you put a one-way...
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    Carburetor with accelerator pump

    I have a 15cc 2-stroke made by Webra, which has an accelerator pump. The carb. doesn't have a round barrel, which is the usual way of metering the fuel. Instead it has a slide, which slides in a groove across the venturi. Adjacent to the slide, and fastened to it, is a rod which slides into a...
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    TIM 6 ignition

    Here's a link to the TIM6. It mentions Dwell Angles: Transistor Ignition Modules
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    Small filing machine

    Has anyone ever used a filing rest on their lathe? I'm thinking of making one which will fit onto my vertical slide, then, with the use of suitable indexing of the chuck, file up a camshaft. Any ideas please? Jack
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    Some pics of my workshop

    Do you have any details of your power supply for the wiper motor please?
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    Parting tool chatter

    I agree with Dazz on the parting tools being tapered. Lots of books advise this method. However, when you buy a new parting tool it it always parallel. I find the thinner the blade, the better. Jack
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    Parting tool chatter

    I bought some nice inserted parting tool bits. The first time I used one it flew out of it's holder, and I haven't seen it since.
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    Here is the drawing of the spray bar, plus dimensions. Jack
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    I normally set the spray bar so that, if it has 1 hole, it points into the engine. If there are 2 holes, then they need to be at 90 degrees to the airflow. Jack
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    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    Looking at your venturi, there doesn't seem to actually be much space for the air to enter. Are your dimensions correct I wonder. Are there any leaks where the carb/air intake fix to the crank case? Maybe try assembling them with PTFE thread tape, being careful not to get any tape in the...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    An excellent job you've done there, keep at it, I'm sure you'll have it running soon. Check your fuel line for air leaks. Is the connection to the spraybar leakproof? Is your fuel filter leaking? If the fuel tubing is old, it may have become brittle and not sealing properly. Are there any...
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    DEMON 2X

    One method I saw on U-Tube was to bolt the block to the cross slide. You need to make up a boring bar with bushes on the ends, which fit the block. The boring bar is then driven, via two universal joints, by the chuck. It's not that difficult, because the holes in the block doesn't need to be at...
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    Another variation on the Boll-Aero engine:
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    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    I do have some plans for the Boll-aero engine. They are as images. There are 25 of them. Here's all of them together, but too small to read properly.