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    Odd Camshaft design idea

    Just wondering........... Would it be possible to make cams using a filing rest on a lathe and a vertical slide? Indexing would have to be done obviously. Jack
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    Hello from the Lake District

    Hi Nathan, I haven't built a Boll engine, but I've got lots of pictures and info. on it. Let me know if you want any. A diesel is quite a critical engine, as regards fits and tolerances, but don't let that stop you. You will learn quite a lot I'm sure. Best wishes with your one. Jack
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    Fitting Oilite Bearings

    To load your bushes with oil, you can either submerse them in oil, then place in a vacuum chamber. As the air comes out, the pores will fill with oil. An easier way is to submerse them in oil and heat up the oil. As it cools down, the bush will absorb oil.
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    Keep Logged in

    I use Google and that won't stay logged in either. I just had to log in again to post this message. However, when I go to Log In, the details are all ready there, so I don't have to remember anything.
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    Home-made collet chuck and collets - some Q's

    Harry, That applies to all tools really. It all depends on how much time and care you want to devote to the hobby.
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    Outlet for model engines

    My Grandson, age 6, got a present for Christmas with which you can erect buildings and lots of other stuff. There are NO bricks, it's all done on an i-Pad. Where will it all end? Jack
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    some days i tell ya

    Years ago, I was installing central heating in my house and I found a tin of solder flux under the floor. ...........and I'm still using it. Jack
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    Parting made easy

    I parted off a 3" diameter bar of tough steel a while ago. Imagine the tool overhang on that. But I still get jam-ups now and again. Plenty of practice, and a bit of luck are what you need. Jack
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    Feasibility of small 4-cycles in practical usage?

    A 4-stroke engine has a lot more than half the power of a similar sized 2-stroke engine. The cylinder on a 2-stroke is never filled with a full charge. A lot of the fresh charge also goes straight out of the exhaust. In a 4-stroke, the valve timing more or less inhibits this, so the cylinder...
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    I just watched a video on U-Tube which shows a very uncomplicated method of setting up a long SQUARE bar in a 4-jaw chuck. Place a piece of shim on the end of each of the faces of the bar, so that about half of it overhangs the end...... say 1/2", and hold them with a rubber band. You now have a...
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    Excellent idea. Gota try that. Jack
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    Thanks everybody, I'll go and get some practice in. "Cheers" Jack
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    Another PeeWee

    Thanks Cogsy, I got there in the end.
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    Centring in a 4-Jaw Chuck

    Does anyone know an easy method of centring a rectangular bar in a 4-jaw chuck please. After spending about a quarter of an hour, it's still out by more than 5 thou.? Jack
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    Another PeeWee

    Sorry to intrude on this thread, but could someone please tell me how to start a new thread. All efforts so far have failed. Thank you Jack