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    CX601 Milling Machine

    IF you go over to Blondiehacks" youtube page she has a video ( )where she repairs her Precision Matthews mill (look a lot like the CX) and had to fix a problem with the mill not running. Might offer some additional information.
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    New to machining all the toys no knowledge.

    Like a lot of schools we build the wobbler engine here as part of the Introduction to Machine shop Practices at the University of San Diego. While I buy material in bulk for this project ( and we use Aluminum, Delrin, Brass and steel so the students get a taste for different materials) total...
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    Where to buy acrylic sheet in the US? is local for me, but they are my go to place for both personal and work related plastics.
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    HMEM sticker!

    I cannot find an email asking for my address to get my stickers
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    Tormach 1100MX opinion

    I teach the intro machince shop classes at a local university and I use 4 series 3, PCNC 1100 tormach mills for the CNC portion of my class. Overall they are pretty good machines for what you pay for them. The accuracy and repaeatability is far better than what I get on the manual mills. We have...
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    Water jet cutter

    There was an article in MAKE magazine ( I do not remeber the issue off hand but enclosed a scan of the article) where a guy used an off the shelf gas pressure washer to make a unit. We had a group of student here at the university I work for also make one (they did a poor job of executing). Look...
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    3D Drawing/Printing exercise in design

    Looking great Don, can't wait to see the finished product and download the drawings.
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    Wobbly engine plan for critique.

    We build a similar engine in the Intro to Manufacturing Operations class here at the university that I work at. We have found that hole placement is critical for best performance. As the spacing of the holes gets closer together the hole size has to get smaller but the cylinder has less distance...