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    What do you recommend for beginners?

    Potentially even simpler.... the Finger Motor Plans are around, may not be needed. Doug
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    Try making the engine in a different way !!

    Well done! It still amazes me that Stirling Cycle works at all. Doug
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    What have you been doing today?

    Last night, we had a really strong thunderstorm. Well, for here anyway. They reported 2.3" of rain. The problem for us though was that our cable modem got fried, and the surge protector didn't blow, so I think it came in through the co-ax. So today I went and got a new one, very easy to replace...
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    Cast Iron Stress relief?

    I have several things aging under the bench.....:) Doug
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    Try making the engine in a different way !!

    This project will really make you miss your machines. But this is how everything was done long ago. Good start! Doug
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    Model Engineering Show at the American Precision Museum

    I've been coming to that show since the very first, displaying for more than10 years. I was hoping they would publish a date soon so people could make plans. It was pretty lonely in 2019 when they had it in August. I hope to be there, barring any more problems like the last two years. Doug
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    Try making the engine in a different way !!

    Minh Than, I like the idea! "Paso Kid " showed a hardware store steam engine a while back Hardware store steam engine It is a way for people to start if they have little access to tools. Good way to introduce kids. I had thought to try a hardware store I.C. engine sometime, but sometime hasn't...
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    What have you been doing today?

    It wasn't really fun, but the lawn is mowed and looks much better. Good for another week! Ah, summer. Doug
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    Any thoughts on measuring torque in these small sizes or is it TFAR? (That feels about right) Doug
  10. Sprocket

    25 HP Nash

    I had been thinking about a mount for this engine. Because the flywheel protrudes past the bottom of the crank case by over two inches, it needs to sit up on something. Or have the flywheel go into a cut out in the base, and I didn't want to do that. I made a "plinth" for the motor to sit up on...
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    miniature transmission

    I don't have a way to draw this for you but think of two discs at 90 degrees to one another, one is powered, the other is on the drive shaft. The one on the drive shaft has to be on splines so it can slide along the drive shaft. When the driven disc is on one side of center it's forward, the...
  12. Sprocket

    25 HP Nash

    I had it all together to check compression, got the valves adjusted and the cams timed, and the compression was pretty bad. I had seated the valves before the valve cages were pressed in, and I think they may have changed shape. In the past, I had made a valve seat cutter from a drawing in...
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    25 HP Nash

    It's been a while, but Spring came to Vermont, and all that comes with it. (mud, yard work, other outdoor stuff) I've been working, but not looking like I accomplish much. There were a few more parts to make and start to assemble: Wrist pins, handrail stanchions and rail, and the step...
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    Another “Tiny” I.C. My first model engine

    Isn't that a "restrictor plate"? It runs well! Doug
  15. Sprocket

    New to me Mill

    I'm pretty sure this is the current version of the one I have on my mill. Had a previous one for 12 or so years before it finally . Maybe it's even the same one I ended up getting a second smaller one to run the power table feed. They...