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    Making a Simple Ceramic Burner

    Keith Appleton has slot of help videos on you tube this one deals with setting up ceramic burners and self destruction it might help looking at.
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    waterloo traction engine .29 scale

    OK I'm new to machining but what's orion. I've searched the net without luck. Thanks Smittman
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    Grizzly G9729

    I have a similar machine made by Central machinery. It replaced my 7x10 mini lathe and mini mill. Prepared to get blasted on most sites like you did on home shop Xxxx the people on this site are more understanding that we all can't afford professional lathe and mills etc and are extremely...
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    Drugs and machining

    I also take gabapentin 2700 mgs a day for neuropathic pain aka constant burning like hornets with flame throwers pain in my thighs. That along with 12 meds for congestive heart failure After a few months the dizziness subsides some but the draggy feeling doesn't. I'm now 60 and always wanted...
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    Torch help for traction engine build

    Hello, Ive been accumulating parts tools etc for the past 2 years in anticipation of building a myford boy traction engine. The last tool and possibly the most critical one is a torch for all the boiler brazing. Living on disability i cant just run out and buy a sievert or bullfinch etc. My...
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    15 Hot Work Safety Rules (Foundry)

    Hi in rule 15 you say to keep a roll of cling wrap handy for burns, in my 60 yrs of abusing my body with cuts, burns, lacerations breaks etc I have never heard of wrapping a burn with cling wrap. After reading I read up on the net. It seems this is a great idea, you can also use it for a...
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    General steam port drilling question

    Thanks for the great advice. This is the only thing that had me scratching my head. I really like the block method and will definitely try it on a wood cylinder first. Thanks Dave and Tammy
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    General steam port drilling question

    Hi, being new to building steam engines my wife and I pretty well have a basic understanding of the concept and machining except for the steam ports. Luckily she is as excited about out first build as i am. We`re about to begin our first build and i`m not sure of how to best make to steam ports...
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    Charity Shop Beam Engine.

    A find my wife made for us to turn into something steam related 2 good posts and 2 wheels she paid 6$ US but i just noticed that its an antique and selling for 100$ us on ebay now do i use it or sell it? Tony has inspired me so i guess i make it into a steam watch-a-macall-it. Ill post when the...
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    Charity Shop Beam Engine.

    Tony, as a newbie to building engines i am inspired by your progress so far. I would rather see a build such as yours than one from a kit . There is a app called Pinterest that has pictures of anything but my wife and i follow steam engine ones, and the best are usually scratch built like yours...