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    Bar stock inline four. Westbury seal inspired

    How do the lower cylinder liner and cylinder block seal the water channel. Thanks. Sition
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    valve leak?

    Hi! Have you ever encountered an engine valve leak? My engine valve always leaks. It will leak after running in for a while. If the valve is lubricated, he will leak a little. 45 # steel was used for my valve and it was simply quenched. How can I solve this problem? Thank you
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    Marks Holt 75

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    Another PeeWee

    Hi Edi! I suggest you put the O-ring in the second ring, so that the O-ring can get enough lubrication, reduce friction and improve service life.
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    Demon V8 (multiplied 1.5)

    Good stuff!
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    Who knows where this in-line four-cylinder plan is?

    Thank you very much. Someone knows where this came from.
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    270 Offy

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    Howell V4 from Italy

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    Howell V4 from Italy

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    Howell V4 from Italy