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    A new look at Opposed Twin I.C. Engine

    I'm glad you're revisiting this engine, Brian. I followed the original build and I really liked the whole concept. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it turns out. --ShopShoe
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    Getting in Trouble for Metal Chips in the House

    I use a coarse-bristle brush to pull the chips out of the rubber soles of my shoes. The ritual is: sweep floor, brush off shoes over "dirt" pile (while wearing them), sweep again, then wipe feet on mat I have at the shop door. (I do have to admit that my main shop is not in or attached to the...
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    T head engine by Brian

    To add to what Steamchick said above, I don't do TIG, although I wish I did sometimes. I tried Alumiweld several years ago during my car-restoration years. I found that the product did work as advertised, and I was able to get what I wanted from it. However, I also decided that much more...
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian, I gotta like this one. It runs nicely and I'm sure it will sound better when the gear covers are back. Congratulations on mastering the cast iron rings: Your skill set just continues to improve and your engines incorporate more interesting features as you go. I'm always watching your...
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian, I think it looks "right" with two flywheels. You've got the artistic eye design skills as well as the engineering skills. I always look forward to new posts from you. And, congratulations on the Do-All. I'm following that as well. --ShopShoe
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    pin punch sizes

    abuttriss, Here's a link to the starret catalog: Or, at, enter "pin punch" in the search box for lots more. FYI, one of my mentors uses "drill blanks" for some of the tasks you'd use pin punches for. I have...
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    Farm Boy no 818

    That turned out well. I like the colors, and the polished bits as well. It runs and sounds great. Wonderful hit and miss action. Thank You for posting. --ShopShoe
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    Quick changing tool for the lathe

    mp409mm, Just to make things clear: When I talked about the "size" above I was referring to the size of the toolpost, not the size of the tool or toolbit the holder holds. You say you have a BXA sized toolpost on your lathe. The BXA is designed for lathes with a swing of 10 to 15 inches. You...
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    Steam engine shaped object.

    That runs very well on steam. I even think I like it better running on steam. You have done a good job with restoring this engine. I think your choice of paint color really enhances the look of it. --ShopShoe
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    Flywheel question

    In the years I have been reading these forums, I have seen many approaches: As, Green Twin says above, aluminum does not have enough mass but cast iron, steel, or brass works better. I have seen advice that the important part of the flywheel mass is in the outer rim, so some builders have put...
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    Quick changing tool for the lathe

    These are all the same type holder, but in different sizes. 0XA is the smallest, CXA is the largest in the group. There are other sizes out there. You appear to have the BXA version, which means you need tool holders in the BXA (or 200) series. Most of the major tool suppliers sell them, either...
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    Loctite Question

    More than you probably wanted to know: Realistically, the industrial suppliers list the properties of the individual loctite products they stock and sell, or most of them will answer a query regarding a specific problem and solution. --ShopShoe
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    FlourCity Tractor Engine

    That is unique and I like it a lot. It sounds good running too. Thank You for sharing your work. --ShopShoe
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    Farm Boy running

    That's very nice. I don't think it's too slow. It's hitting and missing very well. Thank You for posting. --ShopShoe
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    Congratulations Brian. I am doing a mental happy dance for you this morning. I follow all your adventures and I have to say again that you get the stick-to-it-iveness award again for seeing this through. Take a well-deserved break and be assured that I will be watching whatever you do next...