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    Duclos Odds 'N' Ends Engine

    I think you discredit yourself. I like the way your engine looks and I appreciate the personal touches like the muffler and the adaptation of the oiler for a fuel tank. I will be watching for the video and I am confident that you will have it running. --ShopShoe
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    Stirling helicopter

    That's interesting to watch and seems to have plenty of power. Thank You for posting, --ShopShoe
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    Here is the first run of the Elmer's #30.

    Congratulations on a runner. I have not seen that one lately. I like the finish and colors you have chosen and the way it runs is entertaining. Thank You for posting --ShopShoe
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    Finished Silver Bullet

    That is nice. I like the slow running. I also like the details and I really like the way it starts. Congratulations and Thank you for posting, --ShopShoe
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    Check your power lead screw bolts

    And this is an example of why these lathes are partly seen as a "kit" project that has to be finished by the end user to end up with a good machine. Don't knock me for saying this as I am a Mini-Lathe user myself. I actually have liked the process of continually improving what I have. It's a...
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    Shop equipment options

    CFLBob, When I use CAD for room layouts, I like to use layers to experiment with placements. This also allows planning for plumbing, Electrical, etc. Even greater if your CAD package can link to Bill Of Materials spreadsheets. I am sure you know this, but I thought this post would put up more...
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    Shop equipment options

    I also wonder if the clearances around your Bridgeport are narrow. I don't know what you plan for the shelves and cabinets, but are they in an inconvenient location if you constantly have to get things from them or put things in them? I cringe a bit seeing your sander and grinder where they can...
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    Band saws

    I have the 4 x 6 bandsaw. Mine is just like most of them. It is badged as "Northern" and painted a maroonish brown color. I bought it because it was on the store's floor and Harbor Freight didn't have one in stock the day I went shopping. I have no ties to those two companies or any others. My...
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    Shop equipment options

    I can't remember if you ever said where you are? Sometimes that is helpful to know. Do you plan to stay with small projects or have a goal of making bigger things or taking new challenges? Do you enjoy making tools, modifying machines, building machines, or are you wanting to get up to speed...
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    Cx701 lathe report

    Here in the USA, the manufacturers of the brake cleaner also make an automotive electrical cleaner for cleaning starters, alternators, etc. for service. I haven't bought any for a few years and I don't know if it's still available or what's in it. Maybe there is a similar product available...
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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    You could buy them: --ShopShoe
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    First Run Grasshopper Elmer's #37

    Congratulations on a runner! I have not seen a build of that one for awhile. I think the choices of brass and aluminum look nice, in an understated way. Thank you for posting. --ShopShoe
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    retiring to machinist

    Another "Just Saying...." When I built my present garage a few years ago, which is also my shop, I was going to get a floor drain put in and some more experienced people talked me out of it. My climate gets cold in the winter and at that time in-floor heat was not a local thing ("I don't know...
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    Heinrici HO42

    Wonderful. I also like the aging. I think it runs very well. Thank You for posting, --ShopShoe
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    I believe that you might find some very good drill bits at bargain prices, but the next time you buy the same inexpensive brand you may not get the same thing. I think one thing that premium brands have to offer more of is consistency from one sample to another. The other thing you may find...