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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Jared, Thanks for another great Cabin Fever Expo! We really appreciate your staff taking the time to setup the boat pond. I know you want /need to see the pond better attended in order to make the effort of setting it up worthwhile. All you fellow model boaters out there lets...
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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Jared, Thanks for the update. Last year my buddy and I did not make it to Cabin fever due to winter weather conditions. Typically between the two of us we fill two tables with boats ( primarily Live steam). We really missed not going last year and are anxious for this years event...
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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Yes Keep the pond! Myself and a buddy of mine come every year and we pack his car full of boats. The boat pond is the primary reason we make the trip.
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    3D printer questions

    I forgot to address your Spaghetti issue, It sounds to me that you have your extruder too far above the bed. Your bed needs to be aligned as accurately as possible to your extruder and when you home your z axis the extruder should just touch the bed. If you have this set correctly and...
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    3D printer questions

    It is normal procedure to heat the extruder before removing old filament. If you heat the extruder the filament will come out very easily and the new filament will feed in easily as well. there will be a small amount of the old filament left in the extruder that can be pushed out my manually...
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    Polishing media ?

    I have used the green plastic pyramids with a squirt of liquid hand soap. This makes a nice finish on aluminum. If you want a higher shine / polish you can then go to walnut shells, corn cob.
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    Silver solder source

    I was under the impression that all silver solders sold now had to be Cd free?
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    The future of the "engine kit"

    Steve, I agree with the others to press on with your idea. I believe you have a great concept and if this can be done and sold within a reasonable price range I am sure it will be good. I would be interested, I am not sure why so many are posting their concerns with Feds and speeds? They...
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    Cabin Fever 2014 Live Steam Engine

    I have a long term vision of designing a few engines for the live steam community. I have just completed my first engine and it is a single cylinder double acting with a unique self start feature. This engine has a .375 bore and a .750 stroke. I will have this on display over at the boat pond...
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    Drawings, manual, DVD for machining model in-line steam engine

    John, I am also interested in purchasing a set of these plans. Please provide us with the purchasing information. Scott
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    Hello to all, New member, first Post

    Rick, Hey we are neighbors! I live in North Huntingdon ( just a little east of Monroeville) Scott
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    Hello to all, New member, first Post

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I am located in western Pennsylvania. I will get some pictures of my Slim Sam engine posted and I will also document the build process of the boiler when I get it started. Scott
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    Hello to all, New member, first Post

    Hello All! I am a new member here with a great interest in building model steam engines for use in radio Control boats. I am a Plant manager for a Machine tool manufacturing company and have been in the machining field for 25 years now. Back in June of this year my home shop got completely...
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