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    Scroungers watch out! Magnesium is more common than you might think.

    A hobby I enjoy is converting chainsaws, blowers and wackers into RC airplane engines. Some of the crankcases are made of magnesium. It cuts like butter. I do a lot of final shaping on a disk sander with fresh new sandpaper. When you do that you must clean up the mess. The fine magnesium powder...
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    Fire in the shop

    Lipo batteries should be treated like fireworks, if not more carefully. Piercing the battery wrapper will cause the battery to spontanious burst into flames. Discrarging too fast, shorting the +/-, plugging it in to the device with the polarity reversed, or improperly charging one will all cause...
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    Lathe accident, Tool organizer, bad idea.

    It was not the chuck that grabbed him, it was the surface of the work. It was rough enough to grab his sweathshirt, like velcro would. It was a cold morning. He was wearing a sweatshirt. I know I do not wait for shirtsleeve weather to work in my shop. It was a freak accident that, in hindsite...
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    Lathe accident, Tool organizer, bad idea.

    A good friend hurt himself very badly. He has many many years of experience as a machinist and gunsmith. He has a wonderfull shop. The machine is a big Lablond, 15x56 or there abouts. He has a phase changer in the shop to run it. He made a magnetic system to hold his lathe tool holders. It...
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    Cylinder liner material question

    It is great to find a bunch of guys who understand what I am talking about and can give valid feedback. So to further refine my vision for the reader........It would be set up like a Brown Junior. The transfer port would be via a piece of channel silver soldered on the outside of the cylinder...
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    Cylinder liner material question

    I would like to make a model airplane engine from scratch. I fly giant scale RC. I have been doing lots of chainsaw and wacker conversion. I own a good lathe and mill. I would like to take it to the next leve and make the whole engine. I am envisioning a single cylinder two stroke. I would be...