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    Fusion 360 learning ?s

    Hi, Highly recommend you Check out John Saunders do a search on YouTube for nycnc go into his play list and select the fusion Friday link ... John has about a 120 fusion 360 tutorials and goes through the process throughly - step by step. Enjoy ... I have switched from rhino 3D to fusion 360...
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    Slitting Saw Arbor for ER32 collet

    Very nice James, particularly like the spanner. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Adrian
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    Thank you and a very merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas John and all forum members, hope everyone and their family’s have a safe and happy holiday period. And the countdown begins for 2018! Cheers, Adrian
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    Threading ?s

    I might have added a bit of confusion by bringing up the gummy alu comment. To clarify I was just trying to read between the lines with the OP comment that he wasn’t getting good chips and it was more tearing which to me might have appeared gummy. But you point is extremely valid though, when...
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    Threading ?s

    Glad you had some success, will leave others to comment on cutting geometry as grinding cutting tools isn’t one of my strong areas. But something is definetly wrong if it gouging and not cutting, my initial thought would be too deep a cut, without enough horse power (as alu can be gummy)...
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    Question of cleaning

    That looks fantastic John; could use one for the lathe - for the long stringy bits! :thumbup::thumbup:
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    Question of cleaning

    Check out the ‘dust deputy’ Carbatec sell them in Oz, I do mainly alu so create a large volume of chips on the mill but it works just as well with steel, as use it on the lathe as well. I went through a few vac’s until I found this, just buy the basic cyclone and get some pool...
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    How to get domain info?

    Try this one. Cheers, Adrian
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    Small Grooves Nikcole Mini system

    Hey thanks for the link Chuck, haven’t worked out if they ship international yet but will probably pick up a few HSS as they would certainly be an advantage over the carbide cutters for interrupted cuts. Cheers, .adrian
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    Small Grooves Nikcole Mini system

    Hi All, Thought that a would share my experience with my latest tool - the Nikcole mini system that I came across and purchased. In short it comes with a variety of inserts starting at circa (0.019”) used for cutting small grooves both straight and radiused for things like o-rings seats...
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    Threading ?s

    Hi - just thought I would ask if you had any further luck with your threading adventure? Cheers, .adrian
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    Threading ?s

    Agree with this comment from hopper, as will be easier than learning on SS, I would go with 12L14 over 1018 in your generic CRS.
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    Threading ?s

    Will add a few thoughts, in addition to the comments from shopshoe: A) Run a file across your stock, if it skips or doesn’t scratch .... I would be looking for new stock! How does it turn down in normal operation with a normal cutter, test number 2? B) are you plunging straight in i.e is...
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    anybody know what this came off of?

    Suggest it is a bloody big 90 degree fixture plate for a weld table, mill or grinder! At an uneducated guess.
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    Jacobs chuck taper.

    Plenty of ideas about the correct way to do it above, so won’t add to that advice. But will add the comment the main reason why i wouldn’t use a collet as first suggested.... unless in a pinch. Is that you will likely increase any runout error. Cheers, .adrian