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    December Project of the Month

    Arnold, Congratulations. I have been occupied with overhauling a boat and other distractions. Not sure when I will be back to this hobby. Get up the good work. Merry Christmas to all. SAM
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    Drilling centres in long bar without a fixed steady.

    Gauge3, Thanks for the pictures. Now I can understand what you did. I have to file this for future use. SAM
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    Bernay Steam Engine CAD Drawings

    Pat, Thanks for the drawings. After I finish up some things I'm working on, I intend to attempt building the Bernay engine. Thank you for documenting this engine so well. Regards, SAM
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    Drilling centres in long bar without a fixed steady.

    An interesting post. I'm not sure that I am visualizing correctly what you said. A picture is worth a thousand words. th_wwp SAM
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    R & V ic engine

    Martin, I'm green with envy over the quality of your green paint job. You have built one fine looking engine. SAM
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    "Nina", a Gauge 1, 0-4-0 live steamer. Progress and updates

    Bob, I just saw your videos and Nina looks good and runs like a scalded cat. Maybe you can start a locomotive drag racing club. I'm looking forward to seeing what Nina has in store for us next. SAM
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    Pricy, but beautiful!

    If he can get $105K for that beautiful engine, I should be able to sell mine for $0.00025K :big: SAM
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    Tiny Inline 4 Cylinder IC

    Kel, You are off to a great start. You make it seem so easy, but I know better. How about an evaporative cooling system. Build a catch pan below the engine and pump water over the engine and let it run down on the outside. I will be following this build closely. SAM
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    The molding shop and garden (backyard) foundry

    Dave, Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate casting an aluminium wheel. I realize the amount of effort it takes to produce a video and appreciate you doing it. Regards, SAM
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    Elmers #13

    Chris, It looks like you are well on your way with this engine. Please keep us posted on your progress. SAM
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    October Project of the Month

    Orrin, What a beautiful engine. Its a show piece to be proud of. SAM
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    Just finished, a Rider-Ericsson hot air pumping engine

    Orrin, Very nice engine. We are all looking forward to seeing it run. Good job. SAM
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    Rob Roy

    Pete, Your engine looks wonderful and I'll bet that you will get it sorted and steaming down the track. Keep up the good work. Regards, SAM
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    Asta Lavista Baby

    Isn't it amazing how much time can be consumed trying to make this wonderful, labor saving device work. Have you noticed how computers have made us paperless. Now everyone in the world has a paper consuming printer in their home. I have paper everywhere. Time to go shred more paper. SAM
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    surface grinder sort of

    Goofy, Clever. Just make sure you cover up your machine so that you do not get any grinding dust on it. As you know, that dust will grind your machined surfaces away if not cleaned up. SAM