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    Arduino Rotary Table for Dummies

    Most people read and speak English, so English please.
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    Water jet cutter

    There is quite a bit on youtube about DIY waterjets. Also google the 'WAZER', on preorder for less than 5.000.
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    Worth every penny and more

    Well, it worked today, John.
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    Worth every penny and more

    I tried to donate but it wants me to open a paypal account and it won't let me sign in to the account I already have.
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    UC 100 USB Motion controller.

    Search for UC100 at cnczone and there are hundreds of postings on the subject.
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    New cnc Lathe build.

    With the 180v dc drive you will end up with about 2.5 hp. I bought a 12"x30" used lathe that came with a 0.75 hp ac motor. Switched to a 2 hp ac motor and it worked great. so unless your lathe is bigger a 2.5 hp motor should do.
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    CAD to CAM conversion

    Have a look at , it's free.
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    WHY do I have to keep logging in?

    The 'Remember Me' button is gone, hasn't anybody else noticed this.
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Yes, I have downloaded the arduino software and while I am waiting for the arduino I am checking all the tutorials I can find on the net. The ratio of my rotary table I have to find by counting the screw turns for 1 turn of the table because there are no markings on it. kf2qd, I am going to...
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Chuck, thanks again for the program. I have ordered the arduino and sainsmart components. Am I right in assuming that your program works only with a 60:1 rotary table. John.
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    That would be realy great and generous , thanks.
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    Electronic Dividing Head using the Arduino

    Question to cfellows: Do you have any plans to publish the program for this divider here?
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    Chinese tb6560 driver board

    You need to buy the TB6560 from ebay seller carolbrent. He is an american and sends you a dvd showing the test results of the board he is sending you and it only costs you $ 10.00 dollars more than a chinese dealer would charge you. Included in the dvd is the setup of the board and the setup...
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