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    Wrong Purchase

    I did the very same thing but I bought 10 of them. I returned them and reordered the correct ones. Yes I feel your pain.
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    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Awesome build. Runs great Nice job.
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    1/3 Scale LS1

    looks awesome
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    Another Knucklehead Build

    That is an awesome build. Thanks for sharing this great adventure. Do you have any build videos? That would be awesome to see. Your next project is going to have to be awesome because you have set the bar extremely high. Thank you again. Bill
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    Another Knucklehead Build

    You have done an awesome job on this so far, a work of art.
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    Searching the forums

    I have a couple of questions. 1. Can you search the forums for different information 2. I'm looking for information and people that have and use a Burke Millright Mill. I got one from a school sale and it has all of the tooling and is in great shape. Thanks Bill
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    Another Knucklehead Build

    I've just read all 13 pages of this build to catch up and all I can say is Simply Awesome. This is a work of art. I would think it would take some serious time to machine without CNC. Makes me want to go out and buy a CNC machine. But not yet I'm still a beginner. I will most definitely...
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    Mini Hog

    Very nice work.
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    Motor Wiring - Help

    I have a small Atlas 10F lathe and I was told that you can wire in a reversing switch and make it go in reverse even if it is not a reversing motor. I think they were barking up the wrong tree, can someone help me on this one. Thanks Bill
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    V twin Hoglet

    Awesome work, I've got a question I'm gathering materials to do mine this winter, do you know how much money you got tied up in the materials? I'm having a hard time getting the brass for the fly wheels, Thanks Bill
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    V twin Hoglet

    Simply awesome. I cant wait until I can get mine started. Great job.
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    Old Willard Lathe Should I or Not

    I looked at this lathe last weekend and I can pick it up for less than $500 with all of the tooling which is several boxes. My question is that the thread plates and transmission plates are worn pretty good and you cannot see all of the speed selections not sure if I want to take the time to...
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    Hoglet build

    This is an awesome build
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    Hoglet build

    Doing fantastic work. I miss your videos I've watched all of them you have so far. Great build
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    Ghosty's "V" Twin

    Great build. Congrats. Looks great sounds a little like an Harley need some more cam. LOL Bill