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    Problems with Steel

    I would like to say a BIG thank you to so many of you who have tried to assist me. It seems the errors are almost certainly caused by myself. I am 83, and I confess not an exprienced lathe etc user, but I do learn from my many errors !! I try and purchase really good quality drill bits, but...
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    Problems with Steel

    You have all sent me very helpful suggestions, for which I thank you. Alas I have now throne away the ruined bits, I think the comments on over hear and gardening are very relevent. For 5/16 I was dril
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    Problems with Steel

    Cogsy, I have just noticed that you live in WA. I was there from 1962 to mid 1970, i was in Real Estate. Amongst many other propertie i for a perion owned Bay View Mansions in Claremont. Whre do you live and what do you do, or did do ? Best wishes Malcolm Farrant (Roskrow)
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    Problems with Steel

    Thanks, I hear what you say, but if you are grilling 2 foles adjacent to each other, with a long pause between each I just do not understand why hole A drills easily, and hole be will not. to the extent of totally ruining the drill bit. I have a friend who has just had the same exoerience (he...
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    Tubing Expander

    I lived in Australia many years ago. I bought a pipe expander there which would expend 15, 22, and 28 mms pipe. It worked by hand with the first stage I initiating the exemption the 2nd to the desired size. I think the one shown would be ideal. Are there any dimensions available?
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    Problems with Steel

    I have never tried to post a new thread in HMEM so just hope this is read. I have recently needed to drill small holes (5/16th) in Mild Steel. But I have found that although almost all drill with ease I have recently had a number of holes that just will not allow the drill to penetrate. I...
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    Mini Tube bender.

    Terry, You are Correct....But I am just Old and LAZY !! Best wishes Lazy Malcolm
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    Mini Tube bender.

    I have been following the item on Mini Pipe Bending, and have a simple solution to offer. I have a Mini bender made by Record Tools ... This is now known as Irwin Record the model is No. 210 Mini Bender It is available on line at Amazon (UK) and covers Capacity 3, 4, and 6mm. O.D. 1/8, 3/16...
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    Gerry's Beam again.

    I am about to make the MODEL ENGINEER version. Plans and castings are available here. If I can help let me know. Best wishes to all Malcolm
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    Is there any place to get BA Bolts / Screws in US?

    I suggest that you contact :- GWR-fasteners.co.uk I have used them for many years and have always foujnd them most helpful. Tracy Tools are indeed a great company, but as far as I am aware they only sell tools. If I need anythin in the tool field I always go to them. In both cases I think the...
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    Class 37 Dan Leavons Design

    I have been given Castings and very faded old drawings of this Class 37. I am seeking (a) Drawings and (b) An assembly manual. Is there anyone out there who can assist me. In anticipation MANY THANKS Malcolm Farrant (Roskrow)
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    Leveling lathe on uneven floor before a CNC retrofit. Suggestions?

    I have a lathe, and I did have a CNC. I have found by far the best material for levelling is to use CORIAN - a Dupont plastic used for kitchen worktops. Ofcuts are very cheap, and are redilly available from any Kitchen installer. The part they cut out for the sink is never needed by them again...
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    MINNIE Tracktion Engine

    Brooksy, Although I stated Corian, That was the original, an I think there are now a number of similar products. Yes the "cut-out from one sink would be amole for you. I am certain it will not be necessary to travel 70 miles !!!. Try looking on Ebay I think you will find some there. Good luck...
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    MINNIE Tracktion Engine

    Brooksey Hi, and good luck. It is agreat Model, and I cannot speak too highley as to A.J Reeves. I have bee making mine (very slowly) for many weeks, and alas have just ahd a week in Hospital. Hopefully I am now 100% fit again. I have almost finished thed boiler ...som last silver soldeing to...
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    MINNIE Tracktion Engine

    Thank you both for your replies. They will be a great help. I think a set of new files are required ! JCSteam .. Yes I will post update of my progress. I live Just outside Bristol. so any local help will always be appreciated. Malcolm Farrant is my name.