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    BF20/G0704 Spindle Belt Drive Advice/Info Request

    Thank you for the spindle info. That setup to turn the bushing is brilliant.
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    BF20/G0704 Spindle Belt Drive Advice/Info Request

    I have the G0704 version. There is only a very small place to connect the new pulleys to. How did you make the connection to add the thicker pulleys? thanks,
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    CNC controller

    I am using Mach4 for my own machines- a Jet Knee Mill and a couple routers and a lathe, and for several others I have built. I ran 3 classes for 12 guys each at the old CNC workshop that built mills and 1 class of lathes, all using Mach4. I am currently working on a 6ft x 10ft router for a...
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    reamed hole vs. drill rod size

    Drill rod is not really round. Set up a piece to lap its od, blue the part with magic marker and take a light lap pass. You will see some linear bands along the rod. The way it finish ground causes these lobes. So you cannot expect it to be really round, like for a valve stem. Give the stem...
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    Fusion 360 for a beginner

    Maybe some guys are having trouble on the difference between CAD and solid modeling. With fusion you dont want to draw LINES, you want to draw solid objects, like cubes and cylinders. You then manipulate the objects by doing things like extruding, cutting. It is very much like you do things in...
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    Software in the cloud

    DXF files are not really as 'industry standard' as you would sometimes like. They are close, but things like text often fail. They are also just 2D, so some of the great things about Fusion360 modeling is lost. in a dxf.
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    Software in the cloud

    I have the same fear about Fusion360, but the software is so good I just suck it up and use it. I bought Alibre several years ago, but it got bought out and screwed up by the new owner. I stopped paying for support for that, but they have been re-organized and are back and even encouraging...
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    In surch of plans for steam launch engine

    Many small launches have been built using one of Ray HasBroucks engine designs, #1, #5, #8 and #10. All of his designs have now been published in one book available from Village Press. I built a 16ft boat using #5.
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    Attempt at a coolant mister

    Clearly you have way to much flow. A proper mister will take several second to collect a few drops of liquid in your hand. Most of the cooling froms from the air blast, the coolant just adds a tiny bit of lubricant.
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    Cabin Fever 2020

    Its getting close to time for the next Cabin Fever Expo. Jan 17-19. Can you believe its almost 2020? I have been working on a model boat that I hope will be ready in time. I talked to Jared Schoenly about the boat pond. They are still trying to decide if its is worth the effort to install...
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    Bouch's workshop - 1.5 x 3.5 horizontal steam engine

    I am very sorry to report that Mike "Bouch" Boucher lost his fight with leukemia last week. This was a 6 year ordeal for Mike. Mike was involved in the early days of the New England Model Engineering Society where he took care of all the paper work so we were legally organized. He continued to...
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    One of my farther's cartoons B Terry Aspin "CHUCK"

    I particularly like his title "The Muddle Engineer"
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    A Visit to Ford's First ("1893 Kitchen Sink Engine")

    You must be a tech writer- your documentation is amazing. I also browsed through some of your other projects, all amazingly documented. Thanks for sharing all this.
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    Looking for Bob Shores Little Hurcules and Silver Eagle plans

    What is this about a new owner? Are Bobs plans and kits going to be available again? Did I miss an announcement?
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    Motorized milling machine head

    I have the Grizzly G0704 mill. I added a step motor to the Z by placing a timing pulley under the hand crank and mounted the motor behind the coloum. I can still turn the crank if I want but the motor works fine. I added a couple gas struts, one on each side of the mill and I may now have so...