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    Harborfreight 12x36 lathe wireing

    Buy an AC Tech VFD, get the simplist and most basic one that you can find... pitch all the old controls, and don’t look back. VFD’s are awesome... not too expensive, give infinite control over what you have, and eliminate all the issues compared to what is on budget machines.
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    A cheap toolpost grinder

    Watching this
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    VFD on a Grizzly Mill

    Oh, I totally agree. I was just saying the spindle won't last long doubling it. 2500 is fast!
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    VFD on a Grizzly Mill

    2500, yes. He said he would like to double that, and that will most likely create problems unless the spindle is rebuilt with correct bearings.
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    VFD on a Grizzly Mill

    Be careful with that, and pay attention to the spindle bearing rpm ratings.