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    Stirling engine efficiency.

    Thin metal has very high heat transfer rate. Read about it in machinist hand book and online. The new type food cans factories make now days work great for the hot end of stirling engines. You need to design an engine to use a food can. Varnish needs to be removed from the can inside &...
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    Stirling engine efficiency.

    I built several stirling engines 20 years ago. Beta engine is the most efficient, both power piston & displacer piston are in the same cylinder. Machinist hand book says cast iron has the highest heat radiation rate, better than aluminum. I build power piston from aluminum because they are...
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    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    I have no problem tramming the head of my Bridgeport I can do it in 3 minutes. Remove vise, make sure gibs are not loose. I have a surface ground 1" thick metal plate 8" diameter to lay on the mill bed. Slide a file over the bed to make sure there it no nicks or dings or bumps. Wipe bed...
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    Designing a Quiet Air Compressor

    Before I retired work had a 60 hp piston air compressor it was very quiet for a piston type compressor, it compressed air on both sides of the piston, top & bottom. I'm not sure how efficiently is determined but it was very efficient for a piston pump compressor, we only serviced the valves...
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    Summer Garden battles about to begin

    I bought 2 month old onion plants that were grown from seeds. I also bought sets. Onion plants always grow better than sets but plants are not always available at the garden store. Onions grown from sets are always a little bit smaller than onions grown from plants. We live at longitude 34°...
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    Summer Garden battles about to begin

    Our garden did good, 85 garlic, 350 onions, 61 lbs potatoes, 350 ears of corn, about 15 watermelons, 6 cantaloupe, lots of sweet bell peppers, 8 gallons of Bread & Butter pickles made, 100 lbs of tomatoes, 6 gallons blackberries.
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    Jerry Howell - Super Stirling Fan

    Your engine looks good and runs good. I built several sterling engines 20 years ago. If you make the displacer piston out of kitchen aluminum foil and the power piston out of very thin aluminum too the engines have less wasted energy and run better. Put labyrinth seals .020" x .020" ring...
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    Almost burned my shop down and didn't even know it

    The new outlets where you plug the copper wire into a hole instead of putting the copper wire on the screw are dangerous. Every time my shop door slams shut it shakes the wall and 1 outlet keeps burning up. Last time I replaced the outlet I put the copper wires on the screws that stopped the...
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    Wanted Outboard engine plans

    I have 2 Mercury outboard power heads that have been setting in the shop for 20 years they need a new home. I'm not racing these anymore & no one else in our area is either. I'm not willing to ship these I just can't do it setting in a wheel chair. Old age sucks, knees, hips, back, are wore...
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    question about aluminum shrinkage

    Machinist hand book has shrinkage look see what it says.
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    Wanted Outboard engine plans

    I put a 65 hp Mercury outboard power head on a go cart. 0 to 87 mph in 4 seconds. I sold the go cart but still have 2 engines ready to bolt to a go cart that need a new home.
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    Flame temperature of Propane vs Oil

    Propane about 2000°F first picture and 2300° second pictrue.
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    stirling 60 build

    I have built a lot of sterling engines I have several on YouTube. Friction and mass = weight is the killer. Small engines are the hardest to get them to run they barely have enough power to run themself. Put Labyrinth seals on the piston, .020" wide .020 deep .125" apart full length of the...
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    Electric car plant

    I want to buy a garden PLANT that will grow an ELECTRIC CAR..