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    Rotary Table Alignment

    I always thought that if you center the rotary table with with a center finder to the mill spindle you are good.
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    Chinese hit and miss engines

    My silver one ran great for 2 min, lost all compression. Ordered orings from McMaster Carr, will try that to see if the compression will come back. If not, it will be time to lap the valves. PS - I ran my on coleman fuel. Not sure if that is affecting the green orings.
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    Wanted 2" case steam traction engine

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    End of free Forum membership ?

    I paid my $15, it is cheaper than an end mill.......
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    Another Radial - this time 18 Cylinders

    Never considered using the lathe chuck to hold parts in the band saw. Great posts! Thank you for taking the time to make them.
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Got a quick reply from Jeff. He is out of stock on the cutters but is considering another run.
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Thanks, message sent
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    Kozo A3 in 1.5" scale

    Is the supplier of the 1.5 wheel cutter still selling them? Thanks - Ron
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    Aluminum Bits for sale (scrap price)

    Been there many times in Phoenix, cool place!
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    Ball screw at $8.50

    Thanks for the heads up! -Ron
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    Help me buy a Mini Mill - Spindle Taper: MT #3 or R8?

    Being new myself I am very glad I went with R8
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    Please don't operate a lathe if your stupid!!!

    With the cuts in high school shop classes, it is going to get worse. In the 70's I learned how to operate a metal lathe and basic foundry skills in high school! We were not allowed neared the machinery until we demonstrated a respect for it. Few if any kids got hurt in class.
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    Lots of glitches in my 350s, it does work fine on my mini mill with an occasional reboot. I did do all the grounding mods. It does not like the micromark power feed at ALL. Still using it today. Played with the CDCO one too. Works OK. Still in a box. I put a DRO Pros unit with real scales on...
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    Ageless Engines

    I have left voice mail and emails and have not heard from Lee at Ageless. Has anyone else heard anything? Thank you -Ron O.