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    Rotary Switch wiring diagram

    Does this help?
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    Drafting linen

    I guess I am being picky, but my recollection was that blue lines on white background were called "Blue Line" prints. "Blue Prints" were white lines on a blue background. I think blue prints were the predecessor to blue line prints. Rick
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    Small Gas Poker Burner

    I am coming into this discussion a bit late, but I may be able to add a bit. I worked for several years developing a propane burner for my 3-1/2" Rob Roy. I found a spread sheet calculator that calculated BTU output for a burner by entering orifice size, gas pressure, & orifice coefficient...
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    Dickins Loco

    I built a Dickins probably about 2o years ago. I could never get it to satisfactorily run under steam. Ran beautifully up on blocks, but not on the track. I did some research and found that when constructing small boilers, They will not steam very well if you use too heavy a gauge metal for...
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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    Thanks to all who have provided information. I had put this task on hold, but with all of the help I have received, I will give it a second look. I have the manual for the VFD and it seems to be well written. If anything it has more information than I think I need. Rick
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    Fuel tanks with clear ends

    I have used old watch crystals for small tanks. It's been a while, but I think I just turned a brass ring too fit the crystal and epoxied the crystal in. Been several years with no leaks. rick
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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    I am a perfect example of having a bit of knowledge being a dangerous thing. At least now, I know what I don't know. My VFD is a FUJI AF-300 Mini with 120V, 1ph input with 230V 3ph output operating a 1/4 HP motor. I picked both the VFD and the motor up at a Cabin Fever Show several years...
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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    Thanks for the responses. I guess I should have been clearer with my description. My VFD has 120 volt single phase input with 220 3 phase output, so I don't know how to put a reversing switch ahead of the VFD. It seems to me that Aerofourcycle's information will work. Rick
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    1/4 scale Galloway help needed

    Hi John, I just completed a 1/6 scale Galloway. I assume the governor works the same. There is a centrifugal force counterweight mounted on the flywheel. as the engine speed increases, the counterweight pivots and moves toward the crankshaft, There is a sliding collar on the crankshaft...
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    Reversing Switch Wiring 3Phase Motor

    I have a small VFD controlled 3 phase 1/4 HP motor running my lathe. I purchased a YMW26-25/4 switch from Banggood that I would like to use to provide the capability to reverse the motor. I would like to install it between the VFD and the motor. There was no wiring diagram included with the...
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    Drafting linen

    My experience with linen was very similar yours. In 1964, I was a young engineer just out of college. Went to work for the Illinois Highway Dept. At that time, interstate system construction was at it's peak so you can imagine the thousands of plan sheets each district office had. Some of...
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    Drafting linen

    Thanks to all whom replied. I was a bit surprised as to what little information there is about drafting on linen when I did some googling. There is a difference between the pounce I referred to and the cleaning pads mentioned above. It is my understanding that pounce is a fine abrasive powder...
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    Drafting linen

    Back in my young days as a civil engineer, I often worked with plan sheets drafted with ink on linen (starched). That was over 50 years ago before mylar took over. The linen had a glossy side and a matte finish side. I cannot for the life of me remember which side was used for the drawing...
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    1/6 scale Galloway Ignitor

    I have just finished???? a 1/6 scale Galloway hit and miss. Am trying to get it to run, but no luck so far. I suspect the problem is with the ignitor. It is a bit small and fiddly. My question is: What should the gap be in the ignitor points. I am guessing .020", or .030", but am only...
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    1/6 Scale Galloway Timing

    Thanks Jasonb. That is exactly the information I need. This illustration is not on the plans I received from the supplier. Rick
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