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    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    Hey guys, have you seen Jeremy Fielding's vids? You might be interested in his utub stuff. I am watching his vid on treadmill scrapping. I got a treadmill motor, but failed to know tha tI should have gotten the electronics too.
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    High speed drilling, sensitive drills?

    There are 1/8th" center drills, which can be used to just put a dimple on the piece. This will center it perfectly fine.
  3. Richard Hed

    retiring to machinist

    You are absolutely right. Not only that, but it is downright DANGEROUS to have cold feet and legs when old coots like you'all, are standing relatively still for a long time. Blood clots and other bad things can happen. For youngsters, this may or may not be true also, it may contribute to...
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    Some ideas on it's worth.

    For NSW it might be a fair price, as I believe Australia might have a supply problem for lathes, but here in the USA there are many lathes for sale, which drops the price. Of course, you may be speaking of $AU not $US. But in $US, I would be inclined to 300$US. I wojuld be too suspicious of a...
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    High speed drilling, sensitive drills?

    Let me be sure that I understand you. You say you are drilling a .25mm hole with a lathe? your lathe is a toy lathe? I would thimpfk even a toy lathe would be too clumsy to try this with. I would thimpfk a dremel type tool would be needed. You could set that up in your lathe but to use the...
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    The Modular Tower Engine - a new, experimental design

    I know how you feel. There should be a law against work interfering with hobby. Also, understand about those projects being planned for years ahead and never getting it done.
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    Some ideas on it's worth.

    If you could get better photos, especially of the ways, I could give a better answer. With all the rust, of course, whomever gets it, there will be lots of work cleaning it up. Also, knowing exactly what tools come with it, would give a better idea. I notice inthe background there are some...
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    retiring to machinist

    Be sure to look into rocket-mass stoves for heating and cooking. It is best to plan this before you build.
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    Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

    I am not familiar with Ageless. Is it IC or steam? It's good lookin'
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    Model generator build from scratch

    That's totally beautiful. Can we see it run?
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    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    There are two methods one can use: the trig method and the Pythagorean theorem. Ultimately, they are exactly the same thing which can be proven mathematically but the Pythagorean theorem is easier to use. Knowing that an isoceles triangle has all three sides being equal makes this very easy...
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    1" Bore x 1" Stroke Vertical i.c. Engine

    What does your butcher--I mean, doctor say about glucosamine? It helps me a little, maybe not enough but a little. I workt last summer in the harvest in which when I was driving the harvester, I was always gripping two objects: with left hand, the steering wheel; with right hand, the...
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    Corliss Steam Engine (Coles Power Models)

    How big is Agnes? Any more photos?
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    Selecting a first engine to build.

    At this time I would be willing to take a quarter of it hands down, but one never knows about later. I could imagine uses for more later, but projects take a long time.
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    Selecting a first engine to build.

    Ah, thanx. I live about 1-1/2 hours from Seattle. It's possible to go there to pick it up. I'll look up the location