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    Team Build 8

    Ha, I don't remember what I did, but it probably ran them through a tumbler. Most likely with walnut shells in an old rock tumbler I got as a kid that I still use for stuff like this. Otherwise it would have been my Lyman brass tumbler with corncob media. The links were stainless steel, so...
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    Team Build 8

    Pat, If I had the parts, I would finish assembling the engine. However, please feel free to use the part slated for me to finish yours first. I have plenty of things keeping me busy these days. I'm happy to wait until you get around to making another part some day. best... -Brian
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    Team Build 8

    Hi all! Sorry for causing stress. I haven't logged into the form for quite a while and didn't know things on #8 had kicked up again. The parts are looking great Path :) I've had a number of other activities creep into my life over the last year, but this may get me working on more engines ;)
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    Ford pulling out of Australia

    I tend to agree wit the "Buy <Insert your country here>" sentiment. However, it isn't as easy to do that as people may think. Here is why: I live in the USA, and I am not sure how much this argument applies in other countries. In this country, most of the cost of a car is made up of...
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    Building a bigger Easton & Anderson Grasshopper

    Some of you guys across the pond just blow me away. That is another stunning engine you have made. :bow:
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    Team Build 8

    Sweet :) There is a fair bit of work sitting there in that crank assembly :o
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    Empty Brass Casings

    Yeah, a few hours in a tumbler with basic walnut shell gets them very clean!
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    Empty Brass Casings

    It used to be a special alloy called "Cartridge Brass", but I don't know if it still is. Once fired military cases have less value than civilian brass because the primers are crimped in, and the pockets have to be reamed or swaged before they can be reloaded. It has been a while, but I think...
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    I'm not MIA

    That can be a mean disease. Do what you need to to kick it's butt, and get back to playing with us as time permits. Best of luck to you!
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    Starting Lost Wax Casting

    I'll be watching your progress as well. I toyed with this a few years ago to cast copies of some missing parts for a clock restoration project. I could get the wax positives, but had a hard time creating the mold. I am hoping to find where I went wrong as I follow along :)
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    Finished Elmer's #11

    Congrats! I like the blue with the brass accents :)
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    Newbie from India.

    In which case, you are my kind of guy! Rof} Pull up a chair and stay a while!
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    April's Project of the Month

    Well deserved! Congratulations on a very nice engine :bow:
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    I finally have a Lathe Project...

    You have a great project there! I redid a WWII era South Bend 10L a few years ago. I tore it down to the last nut and bolt, and would highly recommend that approach. Not only can you get everything as clean as the day it left the factory, but by the time you get it put back together, you will...
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    Newbie from India.

    Welcome aboard :) I was an electrical engineering student when I was in college (hence the 'EE' in my user name) but that didn't stop me from hanging around the college machine shop for the whole 4 years I was there. We had the same sort of collection of heavily worn machines, but they...