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    Boiler fittings help required

    Looks like it belongs on the boiler to me, good job. How do you make an end cap?
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    The Newcomen Steam Engine

    I did a history fair project on steam engines in the 6th grade. The newcomen engine was the first "steam " engine of the industrial revolution. I know that there was, Hero's steam ball. The newcomen engine is very interesting in its principle of operation. Sort of steam and stirling combined...
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    help for newbie with Mark 6 engine

    You got me confused with the "Mark 6" I have the midwest model VI and it runs great for me, I used the original boiler at one point but it just didnt look big enough. So I upgraded to a jensen 60 boiler, it has a sight glass which is very useful. The engine runs great on air? Right, so the...
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    help for newbie with Mark 6 engine

    Are you over filling the boiler? Is the engine nice and warm when you try to run it on steam. Sometimes the boilers will prime and spit out steam and water mix, causing the engine to be filled up with water. So with some more pressure and spinning the flywheel by hand while under steam it...
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    What's your poison?

    Here is what your talking about And down here is my head. :big: That kind of stuff is way over my head. I use chemicals and other bad thing but I'm always sure to protect myself for the most part.
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    What's your poison?

    Me and my dad have alot of chemicals in our workshop. Just read what it says on the container POISON if swallowed induce vomiting, if in eyes flush with soap and water, if on skin wash off with soap and water. If you have anyother problems call XXX-XXX-XXXX This is just what I can recall from...
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    TB3 - Ignition system

    Is there any to explain how to convert the lawnmower magnetos? I have 2 and I need a sparker to light a flame.
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    LOVE the boiler, but a few questions. What amount of steam do you think it will produce? What do you intend to use it for? What are the specs? How big is it? How much did it cost?
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    I need an eccentric

    I will take it apart and take some pictures. I still have an idea for a slide valve, I wonder how I could make it from brass/copper plumbing parts?
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    Contemplating a boiler build

    Are you thinking about a firetube boiler? Or a "pot" boiler?
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    A small boiler

    Are you in the states? If so distilled water can be bought at a pharmacy (walgreens). Thats where I get all my distilled water. I also collect rain water, Wilesco steam engine instructions say to do this. It works.
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    I need an eccentric

    I dont have any pics :( The drawings mostly describe how it goes together. The best way I can describe it is saying its an eccentric sandwich. The brass in the middle and the 2 steel parts on the outside. Secured by 2 screws. I think Wes still has it he maybe able to help.
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    I need an eccentric

    Yes, the main plan is to use it to power a water pump. I had an afterthought though, I could also power a single action slide valve. This way I can run my engine at any pressure not just 100psi max. It would also improve the speed by reducing friction. I'm not sure how I'm going to make this...
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    flared pipes

    I believe that it depends on the pressure. Mamod did something similar with their early engines, they used some sort of fitting.
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    I need an eccentric

    PM me with cost of everything when ready ;)
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