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    My first IC engines

    Hi again James, I am certain I did the original engines from pencil drawings but have just found that at some stage I did these on CAD too so your luck is in. I have attached the first three of ten drawings for you - I replied to your PM - did you see it? By putting them on here then others...
  2. Ramon

    My first IC engines

    Hello James- it's been a long time since I made those engines and the drawings were laid out on paper. They were featured the build article in the Model Engineer magazine however so if you can source the issues that would be all you need. Regards - Ramon
  3. Ramon

    Maudslay Brass Steam Engine Drawings

    Chuck - as you know I followed this for a while 'on the other side' Just like to say thank you and John McClelland for these drawings - they are extremely well done and a pleasure to have. Regards - Ramon
  4. Ramon

    ML Midge Build

    You're welcome Chris - it was a pleasure to assist and especially so to see them run at the end despite the small set backs. I've messed around with these little power plants since the age of thirteen but the buzz I got from that Nova when it burst into song was just like that first engine so...
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    ML Midge Build

    Hi Chris congratulations on another runner and this one far better than the first ;) It certainly sounds how it should and appears to be running well. Thm: If the wrist pin was hardened it looks like it was not tempered through enough -W1 steel ? is that equivalent to silver steel? If so, I...
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    ML Midge Build

    Hi Chris - first off well done for producing a running engine despite its 'apparent' problems. It sounds and appears however that it may be oscillating which is a sign of over compression and too rich a fuel setting. It will vibrate considerably if it is doing this. If you can't close the needle...
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    model aircraft engine display mounts

    Hi Chris, I may be wrong here, but I don't think you will find these are a commercial item as such. Possibly a cottage industry job or made individually. You could try the MECOA site as members often display engines in a similar fashion. Take a look at the Les Stone page on MEN too as he has...
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    ML Midge Build

    Hi Chris good to see you got there in the end. I'm not wanting to push info before you need it but this is a precaution Be careful not to use too much solder if you are soldering the needle into the thimble - it can run through and into the threads :rolleyes:. I use to do it fully...
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    ML Midge Build

    Hi Chris - just caught up with your difficulties - sorry to hear you're having problems. Firstly though I have no idea as to why the threaded portion should bend as you describe I can only hazard a guess that the stresses induced when cutting the thread may be releasing as you 'ream' the hole...
  10. Ramon

    Cylinder Hones

    Hi Re my post above whilst I did succcessfully 'hone' these cylinder liners to size using a cylinder hone I did nearly spoil them by making the half a thou or so interference fit in their barrels shorter in length than the barrels themselves. When the plug gauge was tried after pressing them in...
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    The Eta15d diesel - a series of 5cc versions

    Hi Guys Some of you may recall I posted some pics of my attempts to make 5cc versions of this well loved British model aircraft engine in my introductory post. When setting out I had harboured thoughts that it would be nice to eventually cover all versions plus one 'special' and here, quite...
  12. Ramon

    What's the procedure in lapping a piston/bore to get an air-tight seal??

    Hi Phillip - don't know if you've seen this thread on the Super Tigre build - Lapping for very close fit is covered in detail. This may be of use to you but as you are lapping bronze you will...
  13. Ramon

    ML Midge Build

    Hi Chris, That's a surprise that's quite thick wire for such a small engine. Just something to bear in mind re piano wire - well over here that is -possibly not in Aus.? 'Piano' wire is usually in Standard Wire Guage and as such has 'odd' diameters relative to drill sizes 16SWG -.063", 18SWG...
  14. Ramon

    ML Midge Build

    They're looking really good Chris but my that matchbox shows just how miniscule they are. I'm not sure I'd be able to work so small -that must be very testing. Are you planning on fitting a nut to the venturi thread to stop the venturi rotating? Glad you got the conrod sorted - D-bits can get...