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    vintage milling machine

    oops i forgot to say about some of the pics the spindle shaft although in good condition it uses a nearly unobtainable taper known as brown & sharp #9 so i'm building a new shaft that will use a #3 morse taper the shafting is 63.5mm 2½" diameter 4140 steel 600mm 2' long .I started machining it...
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    vintage milling machine

    thought i better put some pics up here's one from the manufacturer and some of my machine and what I've done so far Thanks Paul
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    Horizontal Milling Attachment

    Hi i'm considering going the other way i'm restoring a 18.. bristol No2 horizontal miller there's a guy where I work pulls apart cars so i have got a couple of diff insides with the intention of using the spider gears in a right angle drive Thanks Paul
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    I put a thread titled (vintage milling machine) i'm unsure of it's real age but it's an early profile miller the operator wound the bed and the spindle traced a sheetmetal pattern bolted to the bed
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    Show Us Your Lathe

    Hi here's my lathe it's a bit small but as shown i've fitted a milling slide it fits to the cross slide via T slots it's first job was making Tnut bar for fitting it my next machine is a late 1800s milling machine Thanks Paul Mac
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    vintage milling machine

    Hi all I'm slowly setting up a small workshop at home I already have a 280X760mm Chinese lathe and I've done light milling using a mill slide fitted to the cross slide that works fine but it's not ideal anyway I've kinda brought a horizontal milling machine in disassembled form my guess is it's...
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    Cheap grinder wheels

    be sure to keep the guards on the grinders as well this guy apparently didn't
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    stainless steel for a boiler?

    Hi here's a link to a guy that made a duplex stainless boiler for a Darjeeling Himalayan loco Thanks Paul