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    Youngster's simple electric motor

    I remember making stuff like that, there were plans for motors and crystal radios in Boys Life magazine and Poplar Mechanics also.
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    New guy here, Howdy!

    Yes, I think you are right, I cant get a good estament of the size of the engines from the photo..
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    New guy here, Howdy!

    You have some nice Stuart Engines there, looks like the builder is using the steam return to preheat boiler make up water and to use the condensate water. The vertical engine on the right side of the photo is {had it wrong} , all the engines have steam lubricates that use a special steam oil.
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    South Bend lathe

    Go to the South Bend forum site lots of information there on oil wicks and rebuilding. South Bend Lathes
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    Round Ram Bridgeport

    Quote " Was going to buy, but seller still wanted $40 shipping for me to pick it up." Seller was out of line to try and get shipping out of you, I have bought items off eBay that were local, seller was happy to get the cash and I was on my way.
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    plans for a steam engine for a model of the African Queen

    Did it look like this,? this is a 5 HP engine.
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    Keyless drill chuck hard to turn by hand

    QUOTE" I find it strange that a high end(?) chuck cannot be used as intended in a cold shop. Any high end chuck any high end chuck is going to be hard to turn in the cold shop and your hands being cold dose not help any. I hate to work in the cold its not much fun..
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    Cx701 lathe report

    oldengineguy, You better hang on to that South Bend heavy 10, even with some wear they can make good parts, finding one is not so easy and the cost is out of sight..
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    Cx701 lathe report

    QUOTE.. "This also points to the downside of newer technology. Belt- or gear-selected speed changes are not nearly as sexy as infinitely variable speed control, but a good old single-speed induction motor has a rugged simplicity that may be starting to sound pretty good right now!" awake You...
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    Torch for silver solder.

    When I went to welding school back in early 1960s the trade school had a calcium carbide acetylene generator as we spent a lot of time learning how to gas weld with the oxy-acetylene torch. glodatar31 we also would have some fun with the calcium carbide but we just used water.
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    I looked at a copy of the " Modern Machine Shop mag" and it is way too high Tec for me, what I know about machining I learned from the old lathes in the high school machine shop and trade school night class.
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    awake. Specking of Standard Modern lathe {made in Canada} I think poster should look in to finding one up there {Canada} and forget that Chinese lathe all it is going to be is a headache. Watch YouTube and see how bad they are.. People spend lots of time and money trying to fix them. Other...
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    retiring to machinist

    goldstar31..I was just going to say that the poster interested in machinist tools lathe/milling machine could start out with smaller lathe like a Myford ML7 but you people in the UK have a lot more small lathes than we do here in the USA, but poster is from Canada so do not know there...
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    retiring to machinist

    QUOTE: I watch alot of Blondihacks, Mrpete222, Abom, Tom lipton at Oxtoolco & Joe Pieczynski . Theres also alot of folks that you DONT want to watch . Blondihacks also has a PM mill & lathe so you can watch them in action " Yes, Blondihacks is a smart kid, using a small lathe and milling...
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    retiring to machinist

    I am liking that Modern mill, Bridgeport clone If you have 220 volts and the mill is three phase you can run it with a VFD and the AMPS will be below 10 AMPS for a 2 HP motor {that's in the US, don't know about Canada ?}