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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    No body sys you have to keep reading this thread. those of us that want t keep up with it can and those that don't can just stop.
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    Home Shop for Sale

    I wouldn't open a word document received via e-mail on a bet. Ozzie46
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    The great O ring discussion

    This is totally uncalled for. George has been nothing but helpful to people in the hobby for years. Ron
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    Kudos to one of our own

    I ordered 8 8-40 spark plugs for my Demon V-8 from Steve Hucks of Demon V-8 fame. The plugs started coming apart when I removed the plug wires, ( I have removed them often trying to get it to run) so I ordered 8 more and paid for them. When Steve found out I was having problems with his plugs...
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    Mini diesel engine.

    I think he is saying a person doesn't need to be an expert to offer advice. Anyone is welcome to comment. At least that's the way I take it. Ron
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    270 Offy

    Starting from rear counterclockwise means engine turns clockwise looking from front,no? Ron
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    V8 Demon from Downunder

    Beautiful!! Ron
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    Building the Trevithick engine

    Looks good Brian. congrats. Ron
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    V-twin ignition systems

    X2 on this ,I made several Hoglets and these work great. Ron
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    Question on Hall Magnets

    I believe he used cdi. I will be using your circuit. Ron
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    Question on Hall Magnets

    What about Steve Hucks Lil Demon, it has 8 small magnets in a distributor that is a little less than 1 inch in dia. and seems to work fine. Magnets are about 1/8 dia. Am I missing something here? Ron
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    Building the Trevithick engine

    Me too ,sorry to say. You do great work. Ron
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    Marks Holt 75

    You can get 3 ft. straight lengths from places like Tower Hobbies that cater to the RC airplane crowd. I have some that is .024 and .032 and up, can't remember what the smallest size you could get is. Ron
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    Chevy V8 Scale Engine Plane

    Sent you a message. Ron
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    Chevy V8 Scale Engine Plane

    I had to do that once and it works faster if you put it on the stove and bring it to a simmer. Worked like a charm. Be sure to use a glass or aluminum pan. Ron