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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    We'll get some purple French tail lights and thirty inch fins, oh yeah!
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    The French horizontal mill with slide valve drawn up by JD Waal in New Zealand

    It seems that very small-diameter silver solder is more readily available in the UK than in North America, but shipping costs are very high, especially if you buy from eBay with its Global Shipping Program. The 1/8" silver solder I have (and it is cadmium-free 50% silver, NOT soft solder) is...
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    The French horizontal mill with slide valve drawn up by JD Waal in New Zealand

    Now, that makes sense! Most of what I want to solder is little stuff (like my Jenny Wren), and somehow it's hard to find any silver solder less than 1/8" in diameter, so just feeding that in is both messy and wasteful. Thanks for the "soldering tip". 😉
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Looks good to me 😊
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    V8 Demon from Downunder

    Excellent work. My eyes, though (from looking at the fan belt), tell me that it's running clockwise. Who's right?
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Good lookin' push rods, I say!
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    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    Bicycle spokes make good push rods; ask anyone who's built a Holt 75 engine.
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    Another Bill Harris Steam Roller

    So did you finish it?
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    Craig list find

    Great find! I found something similar, with most of what you have, a few years back, and had to drive only 2 hours each way. And the price was so low that I almost felt guilty.😏 BTW, the threading attachment looks silly and is hand-operated, but it works just fine. I used it to make an oddball...
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    Metal Chess Pieces

    I like all of the chess sets shown. I have a set from Italy, made from what looks like carved bone, with Roman soldiers for the pawns, real castles for the rooks, etc.. When I first got it I showed it to a chess enthusiast, who glanced at it and haughtily remarked that, as it was not a Staunton...
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    Marklin 4158/91/7 - Oh boy is this cool

    I agree with Bob. Leave it as original as possible; just clean carefully.
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    Popular Mechanics 1963 engine

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    Shipping US to Canada

    USPS only. I once bought an item that the seller shipped by UPS without telling me, and paid almost three times its value before I was through. As for Global Shipping, I do not buy from sellers who use it. It's slow, really expensive (often including "customs" fees that do not apply), and...
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    Free ball bearings

    I think all we'll need is your name and the e-mail address that goes with your PayPal account, and we'll have both when you write directly to us to get our mailing addresses. We can then pay what you calculate for postage. Many thanks for your kindness.
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    Free ball bearings

    Hi, I could use 20, if they are available PayPal is good.. Email reros@vianet.ca Thanks. Bob.