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    1-1/2 Steam Roller Long Term

    That's great! I've been collecting pieces for quite a while, too, but just before Christmas I was offered a completed roller that I couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, the Christmas roller was dropped in shipping, but the shipper reimbursed me for the repairs, so all has ended pretty well:
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    WANTED: Bill Harris Steam Roller

    Found one.
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    Soft copper tubing?

    These work all right for gentle bends in annealed copper, but they can't handle tight ones, at least in my experience.
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    Holt tractor engine

    "So for those of you who would like to build a Holt, hang in there for awhile. gbritnell" Hanging in....
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    The Most Hideous Running Webster 4-Stroke Ever.

    Like it! If it runs, it's perfect!
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    Definite Blunder

    I have placed a 1"x2" rectangular magnet on the belt guard of my Logan lathe, and I just lay the chuck key up against it. Quick, convenient, and secure.
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    Online Metals ProtoBox

    I, too, have an arrangement with the local scrap yard. An advantage of this is that, as well as finding neat scrap, I can also find useful steel things at very little per pound. I found one of these expensive rotary gasket cutters last year:
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    Project of the Month - April 2019

    Really nice! I'd like to be a machinist like that when I grow up.
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    Model engine CDI easy and cheap

    Sounds very interesting. I'd love to know how make one of these.
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    Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

    Still looking for plans. Can anyone help?
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    Wanted : Wheel valve stuart 504 boiler

    Why not make one?
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    Penbwl a Welsh tadpole

    Slot car gears worked for me too. Mine have a 3:1 reduction ratio, but then I'm not out to beat the Spirit of Australia.
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    Alloy or steel

    Just a thought, Wesley: you don't need to buy a length of expensive brass bar stock if you can find a small square or rectangular piece of sheet brass to make round....
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    super glue

    A while back, someone squirted Super Glue into the ignition switch of my motorcycle. Fortunately, he was in a hurry, I guess, because it just became a wad of dried glue right at the top of the keyway and I was able to flick it out with the key. Nasty trick!