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    Autodesk Fusion 360 or other free software?

    The only problem is Autocad won’t activate anything 2000 or older even though you “own it”. I tried to reinstall 2000LT on my computer after a reformat and was told by Autocad, your out of luck. This was a full, paid for version too.
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    Marks Holt 75

    Did you use a bluing solution on the heads or the same browning solution as on the cylinders? It's hard to tell if there's a contrast in the last picture. Bob
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    Hello from NY

    I’ve been registered here and a certified lurker for a while now so guess an introduction is in order. :) I’m an industrial electrician around Poughkeepsie NY that has an abnormal attraction to rusty iron, according to my wife anyway. I’ve collected heavy equipment and hit and miss engines most...
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    Engine casting sets fs

    PM sent on the engine in post 5. :)