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    Accurate drilling in a lathe (Or mill)?

    If your having bother starting the hole exactly where you want it to be. I made myself a little stylus with a long tapper to a very fine point. I chuck this first and then I can lower the point and move the mill table to point the stylus to exactly where I want the hole to start. Then I raise...
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    more grinding and suction

    Grayhil - Interesting thread but I don't get any pictures. Maybe its a logged in memebers only thing? Nick
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    Another E-Z engine build from a new guy

    Well done JD, glad you got yourself a runner. Can you post a video clip of it running? What are you going to do for your next build? I chose the EZ-2 for my second and enjoyed building it too. Nick
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    Two Cylinder Stationary Steam Engine

    Thanks for the tooling info Ralph, I know Chronos and have used them myself on occasions for tooling and metal stock. Well said Jthulin - I was thinking along similar lines. :) Nice work Ralph. Nick
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    Two Cylinder Stationary Steam Engine

    Looking good Ralph, thanks for posting. Your English is absolutely fine and your thread is not the slightest bit boring, it's very interesting to see your set up and how you approach the tasks, so please keep us updated with progress. I noticed your parting tool, it looks well supported, I've...
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    Poppin Stuff

    Hi Rogbo, Looks like you're are off to a good start. Your fins look great. The slight taper in the bore you made might be due to the spring of the cutting tool. Once you reach the required size, if you take a few extra passes at the same setting it should remove the taper. Nick
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    Another E-Z engine build from a new guy

    Looking good JD. Not long to go now and you'll have a working engine. The EZ was my first build too and I learnt a lot from doing it. The valve is small but it is not too bad once you get started. Make sure that your tool height is spot on and spin the lathe fast. I've found that really makes a...
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    Arnold's small turbine

    Very nice work Arnold, I bet it would go at a fair old lick with a good blast of air. Sorry to here about Chakie. Nick
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    'New' Machines

    Yep I think your right Shred, I saw the exact same machine on "American Hot Rod" last night on the Quest TV channel. Nick
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    Metric Thread On A Imperial Lathe

    Hi Doubleboost, Thanks for posting your video. You make it look very relaxed. On my lathe, a Colchester Student 1800, I have done threads in a similar way but I can't slow mine down in a variable way. I've always had frantic winding out of the tool before the tip hits something it shouldn't...
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    new engine No 11

    Hi Bob, Your fly wheel is looking good, your built up method of construction worked well, I'm going to have to try that some time. Nick
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    My first steam engine

    Excellent, congratulations on your first engine. Nick
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    My first steam engine

    I've not been doing this long but with my limited experience & tooling I find it is difficult/impossible for me to exactly measure a hole diameter so I opt for making the cylinder part first and then making the piston part to match. Nick
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    My first steam engine

    Hi rsendys, A nice looking first part. Keep making the rest of the parts, one at a time and to the same standard and before you know it you'll have your first engine all built and running. Enjoy your build, Nick
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    MB building Upshur Farm Engines.

    Great thread MB, thanks for sharing your progress in such detail. I've really enjoyed watching. This site is just so brilliant for learning new ways of doing things, it really gives me inspiration to try new things. Nick