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    Aero Engine

    Hi John, The cylinders (Drawing J18) were never available as a casting to my knowledge. There was someone offering them machined on CNC but I never investigated to far as I was rather short on money back then (more than 10 years ago). The cylinders can be machined but are a finicky...
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    Aero Engine

    FYI - the castings were originally made by Vernal Engineering ( Bruce Satra ). Not sure who has the dies now but they are very fine castings. I must say that the engine is not for beginners, myself being one who has been picking away at this engine for over 10 years (but very infrequently).
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    retiring to machinist

    As I said, they claim made in Canada, so there is an expectation that its more than purchasing a ready to go product from overseas and putting it in a new cardboard box, which is what the Everlast and other inexpensive welders are (and they don't claim to be anything other than that). I also...
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    retiring to machinist

    My humble opinion is that for hobby type work the shorter length will likely never be an issue, unless you are trying to abuse your lathe and use it for wood turning. I've been TIG welder shopping and am seriously considering the Canaweld TIG AC/DC pulse 201-D over the Everlast - at least it...
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    Any suggested gear cutting sets?

    The metric module cutters are significantly cheaper than the DP cutters of similar tooth size, so much so that I'm converting the drawings for the radial engine I'm building. This is mostly due to being available from China ( as opposed to being from say US / Germany / Poland / Taiwan etc. )...
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    With respect to "safer", even a mini lathe can hurt you if not paying attention or careless. Hair tied up, no loose clothing etc. Use safe work practice no matter the size. Respect the machine, it doesn't know or care if its cutting metal or you. I would expect the 707 from Busybee will...
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    You won't be crossing the border for shopping any time soon, and it won't be economical (must pay for covid test, quarantine required on return even if you just set foot across the border for 1 second)... Living in Ottawa, I know. As far as a lathe goes, I have a basically new 7x14 sitting...
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    O-ring for piston ring

    I've seen alot of discussion on o-rings for pistons, but usually the discussion is around "slow running" engines - hit'n'miss types. What are peoples experiences with faster running engines? My thoughts are to try o-rings on my 9 cylinder build by making a set of custom pistoms for it, but its...
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    Engine Valves

    Have you taken into consideration the volume that the intake and exhaust passages have before the spool valves? With your design you have a lot more volume in your combustion chamber/valve passages so you are going to have a relatively low compression ratio. Not sure if you can accommodate and...
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    Fusion 360/Linuxcnc computers

    My recommendation for running LinuxCNC is to look into the MESA ethernet cards, like the 7i76e. You pay for the card but the software is free. Its controlled over ethernet and the PC latency doesn't matter nearly as much as the step timing is all done a the card, not the PC. And Fusion 360 -...
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    1/6 P&W R-985 Wasp Jr by Bob Roach / Vernal Engineering

    This thread got dragged up from the depths and I figure as the originator I should say I'm still around and progressing at speeds that make tectonic motion look fast.... That said I did more in the last 4 months than I had done in the previous 8 years (lots of excuses). I'll need to switch PC's...
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    Software in the cloud

    Trust me Microsoft and other big companies are no better - my 2 year old printer won't work with my pc on Windows 10 but works on my wifes pc with the same operating system - no obvious reason. There is always an example of somebody who got screwed by Linux or Windows. I could list dozens of...
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    Help cutting thin cooling fins

    Rich, No credit to me on the heads, those are castings from Bruce Satra (vernal engineering). No idea if they are still available. I can't imagine making them other than casting. Bob, Milling does a couple of things that are beneficial in this case (to me and my amateur efforts in the shop)...
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    Help cutting thin cooling fins

    Wow - almost 8 years! Being the originator of this thread I'm going to be the one to bring it back from the grave. I finally succeeded in cutting the fins on all 9 cylinders in a repeatable, controlled manner that has a nice looking final product. Here is the recipe I finally used...
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    How to use a Conical Edge Finder

    This assumes that you have not clamped the part and / or vise to the machine table - which can be a very dangerous way to operate, especially with larger drills. I strongly disagree with this and would not recommend it to anybody.