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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    There is a more detailed describtion of the rebuild here and more pictures https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=141922
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    Another Lathe Selection Thread

    I have had a 7*12 lathe and with some rebuilding it is astonnishing
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    Big hole 180 lathe

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Upgrade-750W-Mini-Metal-Steel-Lathe-Machine-110V-Variable-Speed-3-Jaw-8-16/273881342735?hash=item3fc499a30f:g:SVUAAOSw6D5d9yEp This is a newer version than mine with 38mm spinle bore from factory. The two new bearings of type 32912 will fit headstock without...
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    tangential holder , angles ?

    There is an old thread trying to explain the importance of the angles https://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/threads/another-reason-to-buy-or-make-a-diamond-tool-holder.10702/ Eventually start with a holder for round bits.
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    Feasibility of small 4-cycles in practical usage?

    Another utterly useless engine https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/albums/member_photo.asp?a=45835&p=823224
  6. Some changes

    Some changes

    It has got a homemade ,danish spindle and better German motor and a very cheap and easy VFD from China
  7. New 180 lathe

    New 180 lathe

    This one was in a shop and it felt of very good build quality relative to some others of same breed. It followed me home.My plan is to make it worlds most capable within the original footprint and shall be able to be taken apart and re-ejected within to hours by two senior persons.
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    Big hole 180 lathe

    I have a new Weiss Machinery 180 lathe and have made a new,bigger and more rigid spindle. https://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=141922&p=1#PostTop I wonder if there would be need of a new Church to worship these chinese lathes? First mention of old american or UK iron will...
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    Lathe performance testing

    The three radial wedges can also fix my stepped parting of blades system more rigid than most QCTPs And homemade boring bar holders.
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    Lathe performance testing

    Did turning improve measurably and can we have pictures?
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    Lathe performance testing

    First two pictures of the EMCO style system from a WM280.The made in millions 918 types have more or less the same and my present WM250 had as well. last two pictures show my much stiffer system.
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    How to purchase a new mini lathe in Northern Europe

    I bougth this from Holland. Tranport was around three days and 100€ to my living room in Denmark. https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/metaalbewerking/metaaldraaibanken/metaaldraaibankensub/hbm-250-profi-metaaldraaibank It was 999€ two months ago. I have fallen deeply in love with it. I...
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    Lathe performance testing

    The toolposts are very different in design I think but send us a picture and correct me. I think the SC2 hs a compound system where you have to wind the slide very ,very far aft before You get acces to two screws This system can be improved by drilling two holes And another picture When...
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    Lathe performance testing

    They are the best I can offer.
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    Lathe performance testing

    My new WM250 cheap chinese lathe is getting more and more adorable. It sits on a piece og granite and runout and straigthness can hardly be improved. What can be improved are those stupid EMCO designed/copied compound arrangements. My toolmaker friend with more than 50 years expirience bougth...